Keep Cats Indoors

Yes ,i hate Cats.
They should never be allowed outside,unless in a cage.
They are just killing machines,created by humans.
Wild cats do not go around killing for the sake of it.
Wild one's kill when they need food.
Cats get fed,but they still kill Birds,Butterflies,Bats,Moths,Rodents etc.
All they do is sleep,eat and kill.
Even the politicians are not that evil.
They even kill plants in your garden,with there poisonous toilet habits.
They are without doubt,the ultimate vermin creature.
I had the misfortune of having to look after last year,it came through my window and my ex fell in love with it.
To my horror,i found out it was pregnant,so i ended up with kittens as well.
I did eventually find homes for them all.
They stunk the house out,and destroyed furniture and walls,despite having litter trays and claw scrapers.
I have for many many years turned my gardens into nature reserves and feeding stations.
So i am always having to chase cats away,and not have the garden as i would like,because i have to put fences around certain plants to stop them hiding there,and shove things underneath others.
And they are not intelligent creatures,like many cat lovers think.
The cat i had used to pester for food,and would still do it when i have put food down.
I had to pick it up and show it where it was.I still had my dog at the time,and he understood everything i told him to do,but the cat did not understand anything.
It really annoys me when people say they are animal lovers because they have cats that they let roam the streets all the time.To me they are animal haters.
They now live all over the world,making many very important creatures extinct.
So i want a law passed that forbids domestic cats being outside,if they want a cat,then they can look after it,not let it look after itself.
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Actually dogs are killing machines created by humans from a species of wolf that was a scavenger. The domestic cat is a direct descendent of species of wild cat.
As to cats only being outside in cages The same thing can be said about dogs. Oddly I have never heard of a pack of house cats tearing a human being apart just for taking a walk on a public road.
Everyone just needs to keep their pet of choice under control .

I love cats, but mine are indoors only, or on a harness when I'm out in the yard. Companion animals should not be left out to roam.

I feel the exact same way about my neighbors loose dogs. and indeed they have a terrier that is killing my songbirds. Of course their other dog that is much larger tried to come though the window and kill my indoor cat. No one should let their pets roam. It really is just a matter of responsibility don't you think?
Like all animal fencing for either a cat or dog or livestock it costs a great deal of money to do it right. Making sure you have a secure enclosure or are willing to walk you dog instead of opening the door or putting your cat outside to fend for itself should be the first step to pet ownership.
There is a bird sanctuary in my back yard because I have cats and they love to hunt them from the window.

Just to let you know I have three exotic short haired cats and they are 3 8 and 10 and they have never killed a single thing. They are truly gentle. I used to love dogs but Im totally converted now ( yes I know they are a rare breed). There are dangerous dogs and people too remember lol.

Wonderful, another cat-hater with his feeding stations. We have one down the street, who decided all the deer needed feeding. Perhaps the next-door neighbor should have stuck him with the bill for the damage to his car when he ploughed into them. Another had her bird feeders attracting all the little wild birds in the area, who proceeded to shower her lucky neighbors with bird poop. What is about so many who complain about cats always sounding like they are victims?

I don't hate cats but I do wish people would keep their indoors. Just found out from the vet that if a cat gets heartworm IT IS FATAL. A cat let outdoors spreads diseases. We have a fenced in chain link 4 foot high fence with two dogs that I watch even when I let them in the fenced in back yard and there is always this black and white cat in our yard. I spend big money just to have my dogs checked up regularly at the vets. People who just let their cats roam are inconsiderate and ignorant - again cats left to roam pick up dead birds, spread diseases, etc. Anyone that lets their companion animal simply roam is irresponsible.

Cats, like a dog, if let outside should be on a leash. My dogs do not leave the back fenced in yard (I watch them) and when we go for our two mile walk each evening they are on a leash.

People that have a cat, ya want yours outside, put them in a cat harness and on a leash and walk them - I AGREE DON'T LET YOUR FRIGGIN CATS OUT TO ROAM AND SPREAD DISEASES AND THEIR POOP ALL OVER MY YARD!

Good blog - felt good to get that off my chest.

We kill an average of 8 million dogs and cats every year in America alone.