Cats Suck

I hate cats because I am allergic to them and they are really boring. Dogs are so much better
brighteyed brighteyed
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No problem, Romeomkiller . I happen to like them both. I don't see one as better than the other , just different. Also, people have differing lifestyles. Much as I like dogs I doubt I'd ever own more than one.

The message was directed to brighteyed, who thinks dogs are so much better than cats.

That is until one decides to rip somebody to shreds.

Just because you are allergic doesn't mean you should hate them. It's not their fault. And boring? Well, there are other animals that are much more boring than cats. Look at fish for instance.

i also hate you because you smell and you are also really boring? u need to be exterminated like a subway rat

hehe, I'm allergic to both cats and dogs :( But I love them all... ALthough everyone thinks I HATE cats, because I used to hate cats more than anything in the world; although now I like them :D THanks to lolcats and all those funny cats out there.... oooh, check out