I'm not angry, jealous, bitter, or concerned enough about this topic to say a lot but i have a problem with hollywood celebrities. I like people who are celebrated for the GOOD AND MEANINGFUL WORK that they do. But i just think the concept of celebrity has lost its value. Doctors should be celebrities. Teachers should be celebrities. Nurses. Government workers. Sportsmen and women. Bus drivers. Volunteers. Mothers. Fathers. I dont think people who play pretend and get paid more than that's worth should be adored as much as they are. Good work deserves merit. But not all good work deserves the red carpet.
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It’s nice to meet others who feel the same way I do, and it’s a shame more people don’t feel or speak on the subject as we do. You really can’t put all the blame on celebrities, it’s the stupid a** fans that feed the attitude, celebrities should be mature about it and keep the whole situation level, but it’s about money. What would we do if we made that kind of money from the stupidity of others? I would want to give people reality but I fear it would fall on deaf ears. What kills me is that fans and celebrities alike fail to ask the one and only important question, “What has the celebrity accomplished that makes he or she superior to the average Joe?”. It’s not the money; a person can win the lottery and have tens even hundreds of millions of dollars. Is it acting, please; wrestlers, rappers, construction workers (Tom Welling), country music singers, or your grandmother can become an actor. Is it the physical feat they performed in a sport? As always, the new replace the old and set new records. Is it the voice? Please again, electronics can make anyone sound great and if a person pays attention, they’ll realize there are tons of people with sweet singing voices, some make it, and some don’t. The answer: Nothing. The bottom line, humanity is basically made up of idiots. And some celebrities do keep level heads and don’t make themselves out to be on the same level as someone that has truly made a contribution to humanity. I wish this celebrity society we live in would wake up and see what’s important because as time goes by, our society, especially America, is becoming more and more ignorant.

I'm in total agreement with you!

awesomely put! i feel ya 150%. it's a shame more people don't see things this way. xx

mimi - agree with 100% on this. Hollywood celebs are just so over-rated and overpaid, as are the top level footballers who get paid obscene amounts of money for kicking a ball around.

Firefighters huh? Interesting. We all love a man in uniform! *naughty smile*

i share your feelings on this subject, mimizulu! many people do, i think; according to surveys firefighters are the most loved among all professions...

Well, I think those who get the label celebrity get it because they don't do anything. You can't call them doctor because they don't help cure people; can't call them teacher because they don't help people learn, etc etc. They do nothing.