I Hate Cell Phones

Maybe its just me...maybe I'm just the sort of person that is self sufficent enough not to need one....But i absolutly HATE cell phones! I've alwasy felt that there was no phone call that was so important it couldnt wait until I got home. There's nothing that's so much of a crisis that you need to call me while I'm out and about doing what ever that it cant wait.

That being said, I do have a cell phone....I supposdly "needed" it for my job. Truth be told I think its only rang twice in 2 years for anything even remotely work related....but now I'm stuck with it...paying for a useless piece of technoligy...that doesnt work 90% of the places I'm likely to go. I have a 114 mile round trip daily commute back and forth to work, and that stupid phone actualy recieves a signal for about a 10 mile streach of road...So whats the point?

It doesnt work at home......It doesn't come in at work.......It basicly lives in the center console of my company car.....I don't carry the thing with me if I go anywhere. Oh yeah my wife does call me on the stupid thing twice a day, just to make sure I made it over the mountain ok......I think more so just to justify the expess though.........What an absolutly useless piece of technoligy!
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1 Response Dec 2, 2012

The most annoying part for me, is that all of my friends know I don't carry my cell phone with me......anywhere. It lives in my company car, and only works about 20 minutes of the day. But, it seems like EVERYONE I know insists on leaving messages on there, even though I may go days and never even turn the thing on.