Someone I Dated

I could give you a hundred reasons to hate cell phones. Let me tell you the story that got me started on the hatred.

I dated a lady with terrible manners who never stopped using her cell phone when we were together.

At one point everything was going wrong in the relationship and I tried to figure out what to do to set things right.

I decided to ask her to turn off her phone when she's with me. If she did, that would be a good concession from her and maybe one step in the right direction. If she refused, my plan was to walk away. I knew I wouldn't be missing out on much.

So, we met. The first thing she said was, "My battery died and I can't use my phone!"

In my book an unusable phone is a good thing, but my whole plan had suddenly hit a dead end.

Last time I saw her she was walking down the street chattering away on her phone as usual.
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I dated a girl like this too! She had a major addiction to texting. I know it wasn't just me being boring because she worked with me. She had 4 phones (I kid you not) and spent her entire day at the office frantically looking back and forth between her PC screen and her phones to check if she received a text. There was literally a glance every 45 seconds on average. What a horrible way to live.