Progress? I Think Not

I remember a time when people were out in public,

and needed to make a phone call,

they would go into a sound-proof booth.

They would shut the door and have their conversation

in private.


Lilt Lilt
48 Responses Mar 10, 2009

That's your problem!, Jenny.

I hate and despise cellphones, full-stop!!! I agree with all of you who feels like that!!!!

hahaha those are flipping genius! This reminds me of the old anti-SUV bumperstickers me and my buddy would go slapping on Hummers and Explorers back in the day. I'd also slap Democratic Presidential stickers over Republican ones just for fun. I was a real dickhole, you know?

Oooh, those cards are just dandy.

It's the most socially acceptable way I can think of to get people to realise the effect that speaking loudly on a cellphone in public has on those around them. I wouldn't mind being handed one if I was jabbering away on a bus or something. I'd be so intrigued. And they're quite funny. It's better than a normal 'shhh'.<br />
Lilt, you should print some too!

Those cards must be printed now. I should even say that in my "not-inside" voice.

Sincerely, everyone around you...<br />
<br />
lol, those are great

Seen these?<br />
I printed them out on card and put some in my wallet. I enjoy them. SHHH...<br />

You missed comedy gold, considering that none of these idiot reporters and republicans seemed to be aware of the more colorful definition of teabagging. They all thought it meant to show up at these Anti-Obama tea-parties wearing hats with tea bags hanging off of them. Oh dear...

No, i'm afraid I saw nothing about teabagging. I dont watch the news, though....

To quote my hero, Mr. Incredible...<br />
"They keep coming up with new ways to celebrate mediocrity."

Perhaps he could make a podcast condemning obnoxious people making podcasts in places of business. <br />
<br />
Speaking of teabagging, did the news coverage of the recent 'teabag' events make anyone else lol?

I liked that blog. It was high quality. But nobody should ever use cellphones in places of business. It's like teabagging the help.

I do, however, approve of niceguyinhell's use of his cellphone in Burger King to make his podcast review of The Watchmen.

We really could use more super heroes, Vendetta.<br />
I wish Mr. Incredible and his lovely family were my neighbors.

Yeah, i'd rather rapidly peel a Band-Aid off my eyelid than openly admit to him being right about something... but damn it... he sure is. ;)

Good idea, When. When the little man gets home from 1st grade, I'll have him set me up.

Everyone knows that the phone is a secondary function of a phone booth. They're used primarily for changing into super hero costumes, as Krypton mentioned. Is it any wonder there aren't many superheroes around anymore? They're all wandering around looking for phone booths, constantly being insulted by the 'changing stations' that stores like Target have installed in their bathrooms.

Yes, I would want the clearest connection. And I think I'll use bungee cords for better long distance calls.

Make sure its an aluminum funnel. The plastic ones are too thick for proper resonance. If you're going to ask anyone about resonance... it damn well better be me.<br />
<br />
The Resonator,<br />
Elian Gonzalez

Great idea, Harold. I'm going to Home Depot today, I wonder what kind of phone I can put together over there.<br />

Cellphones are lame. I forego the phone booth, too. I've given a few of my close friends their very own Dixie cup and i've got my own attached up to them along with a freakishly long Mobile-Dixie-Phone-String that you can buy at Walmart and Harbor Freight Tools. So if i'm within 5 miles of the GBMA... I can talk to my homeboys with my Dixie Cup Phone for free. You know you're roaming when you feel tension.<br />
<br />
Mind The Tree,<br />

And the option I frequently use, Newdaydog....<br />
dead battery.

There are several options available to break the cell phone chain; Caller ID, Voice Mail, ANDDDDD... easiest of all....turn the damn thing off.

I've crossed back over to the dark side - I'm back on cell service which is needed for safety with my new job on the road.....<BR><BR>I didn't realize how much I missed texting. It's worth the cost alone just not to have to talk to my ex directly.. <BR><BR>I DON'T LIKE being able to be reached at ANY TIME again, though... argh.<BR><BR>:)

Good point, Sara.<br />
I do have issues with idiots.

Seems to me that you don't hate the cell phone nearly as much as you hate the idiots who use them.<br />
<br />
I love my cell ... couldn't live without it. But I hate the idiots who yell into them or can't drive in a parking lot without them. Eeeek!

I am with you 100%, EG.<br />
What's wrong with being alone???

I couldn't agree more! I H-A-T-E cell phones, people who talk on them constantly, the fact that people can't be alone with themselves any more...<br />
<br />
Where do I go to sign up for this group?! :)

LOL TinyTurtle - that was so randomly funny... :))

Tiny, that kinda sounds like a conversation that was necessary.<br />
Wouldn't want to put something where it doesn't belong.

I honestly believe that, Drew.<br />
I have one, but it use it about <br />
two times a month. I have to ask the kids how to do things like <br />
switch it to vibrate.<br />
Texting....hahahahahaha, right.

I haven't had a cell phone since last November... I don't miss it a bit.

Nadar, you are totally progressive.<br />
Living without a cell phone is truly <br />
cutting edge. I love it.

ballz should join in. Oh yeah. I'm using his computer. Guess I'LL HAVE TO CALL HIM!

Hahahaha, Myo! You're hot tonight, girl!

You can have sex in a phone booth. (Insert horny devil emoticon.)

I'm such a poor sport.

(I hear you, Lilt.)

Yes!<br />
Back to my original booth.

or how about..."I don't feel like talking on the phone right now."<br />
Is that not an option anymore?

Well said, Autimom. <br />
Since when do we have to be accessible every minute of our day?<br />
<br />
And what are all these people talking about? <br />
"I am at the store....I am checking out...what are you doing?....I am going to my car...okay....I need to put the bags in my car....I'll call you right back...when I get on the road...

I remember fondly the days when you weren't home, no one knew where you were, and it was OK that they couldn't get in touch with you. I feel like my cell is a ball and chain at times. I resent people feeling like they have a right to be offended if I don't answer. I hate when someone calls my home phone, then my cell, then follows up with another call to my cell--and maybe tries the home phone once again. Jesus. Unless someone died, this is ridiculous and verging on stalking.<br />
<br />
Maybe I'm napping. Maybe I'm up to my elbows in a ****** diaper. Maybe (let me fantasize, here) I'm having sex. It is my right not to answer your call every freakin time you decide to dial my number. Voice mail. I'll call you back after I wash the poop off my hands.

Ya, is is definitely an odd thing. I have to admit the Iphone can do some crazy a** cool sh*t though.

Did you just happen to get a new $400 phone, NiceGuy?

Well, Krypton, I don't like this part :(

Speaking of cellphone....did you know it's now possible to record an entire podcast using only a cellphone?<br />
<br />
Picture some guy sitting in a Burger King shouting into his cheap cellphone recording a podcast about what he thought of the movie The Watchmen? <br />
<br />
Who the hell would do something that retarded? Not to mention ego-maniacal.

Those were the same booths that Superman changed in, right? I remember those now. They were very cool. :P<br />
Cellphones are right under personal computers and internet in the list of technology that has changed the way humanity lives.