Stop Censorship

I think it is hypocritical how much the U.S. censors subjects within our media and everyday lives. It goes against that little thing called free speech. If I want to see it or hear it I should have that right. I hate when people bring into the loop about kids and their safety. Look Im not their parent. That is their parents job to control what their kids watch until they are old enough to make such decisions. As for me I dont need anyone to hold my hand and tell me what I can and cannot hear on tv. Its bull.
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1 Response May 20, 2012

It's mostly the religious right nuts that are mostly to blame.Next they will be burning books next.I don't see anything wrong with letting children watch reason....but education of children is the important factor. here.Parents expect TV and the schools to educate.They do but we as parents have responsibility to ensure our children understand society .

Next thing you know we Fahrenheit 451 will become a reality.

yes might and it is sary how much government want to keep it's citizens in the dark.

Recently in the news other governments are trying to convince Google to censor more and more of their material for the citizens of their countries. Just sad.