I write. By that I mean book, poems and stories. When any entity adopts "community stands" that simply means they know what's best for you. They want to help you with all of those decisions about what is bad and good by deciding for you. It is for your own good and benefit. Censorship isn't new, Hitler practiced it, Stalin practiced it and a lot of groups who believe their way is the right way and you should follow it.

I know we are all adult here, OK maybe not all since we have now been infiltrated by 13 year olds. I personally think you'd be surprised by what a 13 year old knows. There is a box you can check if your story is not meant for anyone under 18 but that box isn't even necessary with current censorship practices. If you are unhappy about the path EP is now own, don't complain to them, they don't care. Send your complaints to their advertisers where it really counts.
lasergraph lasergraph
66-70, M
Aug 25, 2014