Centrelink- Banging On About You Needing To Get A Job Yet Cant Do Their Own Properly

On the 23rd of April I contacted Centrelink to let them know my ex-partner had moved out so that I could change to Parenting Payment Single (even though we broke up two weeks prior apparantly the fact he wasnt magically able to find a new home on the day we broke up and stayed at mine till he did meant we werent actually seperated).

So the only available appointment was on the following Monday, I went down and waited for an hour for my appointment, I supplied the details of my 'references' (needed to confirm we had indeed broken up) and was told all that was needed to finalise my claim were bank statements. So off I go to the bank to get statements,, I returned an hour or so later waited for another hour and a half and someone took my bank statements and stamped them.

A few days later I check my online centrelink profile, no change. I call the call centre and am told they have sent out forms to my referees and they are waiting for them to be returned, I inform the customer sevice representatitve that I only had the postal address for one of my references, I am tol that thats ok they were able to find the address for the other one.

Two days later; the referee I had the postal address for hand in his dole form and the seperation statement at the centrelink office

Following day; i check my online centrelink - no change. I call the call centre the woman at their end says they are still waiting on both referees, I explain the non-postal address of one and that the other handed in the form at the office the previous day, she tells me they will oganise to call the other referee that day or close of business the next day and makes a note on my record that the other referee handed in the form.

Saturday; check online centrelink - no change.

Tuesday; call centrelink am told that they are waiting on one referee and my bank statements I explain that I handed in the bank statements the same day as my interview. person at end of line makes a noe on my record.

-life happens-

following Tuesday; I attend centrelink office with one of my referees, am told he is the only thing they are waiting on. we wait for two hours he makes statement to centrelink worker. I ask centrelink worker if I will be getting paid at any point in the foreseeble future he tells me rudely that its too late to check and I should return at 9 am i tell him I am unable to be there at 9 as I need to take my daughter to school he (rudely again) says well you cant expect to come in here at this time and expect us to be able to do anything for you note: we arrived at midday it was them that was the reason I was speaking to him at 3.30.

wednesday - life

thusday- go in early as possible, wait 1 hour, am told system is down must return in 2 hours, return in 2 hours am told wait is 3 or more hours, cant wait that long as I have to pick up daughter from school. return home , check post recieve a health care card that expires in 14 days and a bill from centrelink which states 'This is the balance of your advance. As your Social Security payments have stopped, this amount is now payable' for $158. I call their debt recovery line wait on hold for 40 minutes, explain my situation and am told 'i cant do anything we're just here to take money not give it out'. I hang up on the b*tch and call the families line wait on hold for an hour and then the phone cuts out.

Tomorrow - I have arranged for my mother to pick my daughter up from school as I will be going to the centrelink office directly after dropping her off and will wait there with my packed lunch and a few agatha chrisites (one surely wont be long enough) untill they either 'finalise' my claim or close up and I plan to do this every day untill next wednesday when my daughter and I are going for an out of state trip for her to visit family shes never met and I hope by that day I will have some money with which to fund the trip.

ALSO they have constantly been setting me appointments with a job services provider - why the f would i go to those appointments when 1. im not on any payment let alone a job seeker payment and 2. the payment i'm trying to recieve I wont need to do that for another 2 years.
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I was recently a referee for a friend trying to apply for Parenting Payment Single and no one contacted me or her other referee but your pretty lucky getting an appointment that quickly. My friend was told she just had to drop the forms off at her local Centrelink office - went to do it and found out she needed to have an appointment at the main Centrelink office but she would have to wait 4 weeks till the next available appointment - how are you supposed to feed your kids (she has 5) and keep a roof over your heads when your partner has just walked out and Centrelink won't pay you. They wouldn't even let her adjust her income estimate so she would get more Family Tax Benefit as she was only recieving about $50 per fortnight.