I Really Hate Chain Mail

five years ago my neighbor sent me a chain letter through text message while i was at school. i usually read them and deleted them because they were stupid. but this one said something about sending it to ten people you know and if you dont something bad will happen to you and your family with in 24 hours.
the next morning i was getting ready for school... and we got a phone call from my aunt saying grandmas in the hospital and we need to come up (my grandmother was a very heathy women). so my family gets in the car and goes to the hospital where she was at which was six hours away. we were there about two hours and she passed away.

im pretty sure it was bad timing and the message didnt have anything to do with her.. but i still blame myself and that stupid chain message for my grandmother dying.
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1 Response Jul 29, 2010

Whoaaa that sucks. I'm really sad for you :,(