Ah those damn letters >.< Don't get me wrong, I love surveys, BUT the letters where you have to read about a 100 pages and in the end it'll tell you to send it to 567 of your closest friends and you'll get all the glory in the world or you'll die etc really makes me annoyed!

I've told to my friends, repeatedly, that do not send me these things! But it took a quite a few of those e-mails and then a really long one to explain to them that I honestly pull my hair out when I'm spammed with chain letters! Obviously they go straight to my junkbox whenever I get them (which is very rare now) but still, you're excited when you notice you've got mail, but when you finally see your inbox it's just **** you've received, it's frustrating!

Other thing is the spammers who tell you to send all your personal information to them... I mean come on! is anyone really that stupid?
Terrorita Terrorita
26-30, F
Jul 19, 2007