I Checked - It's Authentic

I am sending this email to you because you are special to me.  You are my 1 of 11.  Let me explain.   Several years ago I had occasion to spend some days in the destitute, third world squalor of Veracruz - a God-forsaken, dusty outpost of civilization on the Gulf of Mexico groaning beneath the weight of corrupt public officials, unreliable plumbing, erratic trash collection, dysentery-flavored water, and Catholicism.  On an afternoon so hot the tamale vendors were frying beans on the sidewalk, I stepped into a dilapidated church simply for shade.    Rifling through my jacket pockets for a cigarette I happened upon several kilos of marijuana, neatly wrapped in oversized plastic sandwich bags - how they got there I'll never know.  But that's not the point right now.  As my eyes grew accustomed to the dark and gloom that is only available in such a place, (excepting bat caves of course), I saw a tiny figure lurking in the corner, no more than a heap of rags really.  Curious I slowly walked closer.  To my amazement, it was a street waif, the sort of beggar one walks by unthinkingly in poverty-besotted regions like Veracruz.   She looked up at me.  "Sir," she said, in English good enough to get her a job at Taco Bell anywhere in Indiana.   "Yes," I replied, with that laser quick repartee for which I am known.   "Are you are stranger?" she queried.   "Aren't we all?" said I, not to be outdone.   "I am but a child," she went on, "with only one wish.  Will you help me?"   Immediately suspicious I steeled myself.  It was then that she explained how the "make a wish" email system works.  To hear her tell it, I send this email to you.  Then you send it back to me, (that's why you are my "1").  You also send it to 10 other people.  As you hit the "send" button be sure to make a wish, click your heels three times and say, "there's no place like home."  Not only will your wish be granted, but the wish of the poor little girl I met that day will be granted too.   Remember, don't break the chain or a giant house will fall on your head.
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2 Responses Aug 11, 2007

Yes, SW, there really is a God, and while I know almost nothing about him/her/it - of this much I am certain - it's not me.

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ha!<br />
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*waits for house*