A Scary Clown Will Come Eat U In Your Sleep & Rape Your Dog

chain letters are annoying & rediculaous. im so mad cuz now ppl foward them through text messages on cell phones. like really they r so fake. if they were true i would of been dead, killed, eaten alive etc. already. although i must admit that sumtiems they freak me out if its late lol. & i have sent a few myself but who hasnt. in the end tho its a stupid letter created & sent by ppl who are either pathetic enough to belive the nonsense or just foolish enough 2 pass it on anyways.

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I've gotten one of those text messages. It was 98% percents of Christians won't pass this on. Be the 2% percent that actually will stand up for Christ. Then it promises some kind of blessing if you pass it on to your friends.