Never Adjusted Well To Change

Even when I was a little girl my parents got divorced and I had a very difficult time accepting and adjusting to the new enviornment and the change that my father is not there. I always had a difficult time when you change something a rountine sometimes it throws you off and the arrangements or adjustments aren't to fit your needs. I find myself wanting a divorce and even contacted a divorce attorney but it is difficult the change with him not being here and of course the money issues that would occur. You know you need to do something but it is difficult and I hate the change it makes me depressed I am frightnened to death with my situation and I know what I need to do some people are like grow up that is life but I feel certain situations I was put in is  very unfair anything from my parents to my husband. I just need a little guidance

Bella70 Bella70
41-45, F
1 Response Mar 7, 2010

you have to just understand to what your heart want. and how you can make urself happy that is important nothing else