Here's another one for the presses:  Natasha hates change....and I am am not just talking about life altering earth shattering changes, even the little day to day stuff.  I want to have my mail in the same place everyday, I want Coke, not Pepsi.  I hate detours and I cant stand when people change the script in the middle of the play.  I have learned to work within the don't change it.  All that being said, Monday I have a new supervisor and a new group and I am totally stressed out.  I will spend the whole weekend stressing out about something that may not even happen!  Am I jumping from the frying pan into the fire, will I have to deal with yet another peon that thinks they are the boss of me (even though they are my equal), will the new supervisor be as easily manipulated as my previous one, whose *** am I going to have to kiss now? Geesh, is it too much to ask for a lil peace of mind?

natashamarie natashamarie
41-45, F
Apr 15, 2010