Don't Tell Me You Value My Business

My letter to Chase:



Regarding three insufficient funds fees charged on March 9th of which I was not notified until March 10th, at which time I immediately transferred funds.  The fees were due to two very stupid reasons, neither of which were at all under my control.  First, a $5 charge which had been pending for several days just happened to go through while I was in overdraft – very convenient for the bank, and absolutely unacceptable for me.  Second, an order placed with Mary Kay was charged in two increments instead of as one complete charge, which resulted in an extra fee that was completely unnecessary.

In the past, I have praised Chase for excellent customer service, but I guess that was on the easy stuff.  In regards to this situation, I have been told that I am a valued customer but I just have to accept being mistreated by the bank.  Clearly, you do not actually value my business and are only saying so to try to appease me.  I work in customer service too, I know bullshit when I see it.  And there is no reason for me to continue giving business to a company that treats me with such disdain.

I explained my situation over and over and I think that the way this has been handled is absolutely appalling.  You have caused me great anguish and distress.  I live paycheck to paycheck and my bills are consistently paid late due to the extreme financial difficulties I have been experiencing.  Losing $100 pointlessly to a greedy, soulless corporation for such a ridiculous and avoidable reason is a disaster beyond belief for me and you should know that I HAVE shed tears over it.  You cannot possibly understand the distress your cruel policies have inflicted. 

I know for a fact that Wells Fargo treats their customers differently, and so I will be closing my accounts at the first available opportunity which is tomorrow March 16, and taking my business to a company that actually values its customers and doesn't just pay lip service while raping them.  You can rest assured that I will tell every person I talk to for the rest of my life that Chase is a horrible company and never to use Chase for any reason.  My tiny deposits might not mean much to a behemoth like Chase, but the ripple effect of your lack of understanding will have a much larger impact in the long run.  So you should know that you are screwing over a person who will do everything in her power to show the public that Chase is a piece of **** company that treats its customers accordingly.

May much ill fortune befall Chase, to its ultimate doom.

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2 Responses Mar 15, 2010

that is great. Thanks for writing and telling about the chase. I was planning to apply for a new account in chase and i was looking for their customer service chat and i saw ur words. I am not going to open an account in such a bank.<br />
<br />
thanks for telling us. Good job..

I can just see you giving the evil eye to Chase lol!! Sorry you had to go thru that. It is a good letter--minus the swear words. THat will detract from its power. Just my thoughts.