What Chavs Are

Whenever a group of people agree that they all hate chavs, there is always one person who jumps in and says, 'No need to hate someone because of their fashion sense!' Or 'I think it is disgusting that we look down our noses at working class people!' These people clearly do not have the slightest idea what 'chav' really means.

I hate chavs because of their attitudes. I couldn't care less what they are wearing or what class they are coming from, but there is no denying that most people with chavvy attitudes are wearing certain clothes or accessories. I think of the clothing as a sign to be wary rather than to assume the worst about that person. I have known people who dress chavvy, but they're perfectly normal, civil, kind people and not tw*ts.

A chav is an antisocial person with no conscience or morals. They enjoy going around harassing others, stealing, vandalising, sleeping around, getting wasted and getting high on drugs. They don't care about education and a lot of them are racist and homophobic. Clothing doesn't 'make' you have that kind of attitude or act in such a way towards other people.

It's got nothing to do with middle class snobbery. I'm from a working class British family and I hate chavs and they loved bullying me and my family. I've also known plenty of chavs who have come from the middle class and above. Even prince Harry sounds like he is a chav! He's certainly not working class.

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Mar 28, 2009