Would This Bother Anyone Out There?

My boyfriend has some good qualities, but this cheap thing is a real sore spot for me.  I grew up in a family where my dad would make a face if I asked him for a dime for a candy bar, my brother would give me flowers for my b-day that he had taken from the altar after a wedding, and my other brother would give me a piece of jewelry for Christmas - that he had taken out of my drawer that had been given to me years before from someone else!

So...given my past history, I don't think I'm expecting too much to try to find a generous man.  Back to my boyfriend...several times he has given me something, and I thank him, and then, under his breath, he will say, "That's $10 please".  He came to my mom's house to celebrate her b-day with me and brought flowers.  I thanked him.  Once again, he said, "$10, please."  I know he is kidding....or is he?  I don't think so.  Any feedback would be appreciated.  Thanks!


Swedishgal Swedishgal
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4 Responses Nov 6, 2009

Wow...Really?? What is going on with men these days? He sounds cheaper than cheap and he isn't playing about it. Well, that is what it sounds like to me. There are a lot of cheap men out there growing so rapidly that women need to watch their backs. Good luck and please...do not marry this guy. You deserve better.

Why are you with him if he always has to make some scarcastic remark? Tell him to give you $10 for a nicer gift! And then tell him to go back to his Mommy where he belongs. I hope you don't marry this guy!

cheap men are the worst. i'd let him know that i don't find it amusing.

Ugh. He may try to pass it off as kidding (though there's nothing funny about it, even the first time) Something really bugs him about having to spend money on you. And this is just for a small amount! Not good.