I Want To Go Chuck Norris On Them!

My dear friend is in the process of divorce. Their spouse cheated on them not once but multiple times. This time the cheater is leaving and leaveing a wake of emotional abuse behind them. Not just from the act but from saying hurtful things. I'm glad they are leaving. Because my friend deserves more. But it's tearing my friend apart. Today I recieved a txt asking me to come pickup their firearm so they would not do something stupid. I ran out of my house without bothering to put my shoes on and straight to their house. I took the firearm. I don't know how I could ever give it back. It was laying on the bed. My friend sobbing I was only able to stay a short time because of work. They apologized but there was no reason to. I thanked them for asking for my help, for not pulling the trigger, I told them I loved them and cared about them. That they were beautiful and wonderful. And then I had to leave. But I have it in a safe location now. We txt all night at work. They are probably asleep now. But the cheater is on their porch laughing and giggling with their new fling and I can't enjoy a cigarette because I can't hear it and I want to scream at them. It's not that their leaving that ****** me off, it's how it's being done. It is loathsome.
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1 Response Jun 25, 2010

my husband on my porch with another woman? i don't think so! doesn't his hoe have a place for them to go to?