My younger sister and I just found out that my dad is cheating on my mom (whom he is married with for 22 years).  My younger sister actually found out before me which makes me angry and sad at the same time.  I work with my dad in the same place and the person he is cheating with is someone we both work with and have known for more than 4 years.  I DON'T KNOW WHAT WE SHOULD DO.  Obviously we have to tell out mom, but I am not sure when, how and where.  I am afraid of what her reaction will be either violently or emotion wise and if we confront my dad first I am more scared for our safety because he has a gun licence and has access to guns, not saying that it would lead to that, but who knows.  This is that last thing that I would ever would happen with our family.  So PLEASE if you have any advice, we really need them.
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My heart goes out to these girls. How sad! My daughter along with myself found out that her dad/my husband had been cheating. Oh Wow!! The family has suffered a great deal. She's still so angry with her dad. She remain for months going through being upset and worried about me that the onset of her stress level brought out a case of Lupus in her body. Yes, her Doctor stated that there must had been such a traumatic experience in her life to set this off. I am soo angry with my husband because of his selfishness my daughter has had to carry this burden. He's a son of a *****. To this day it's still all about him. I just wished I would have left him once I found out. He's always accusing me of other men. I have been more than faithful to this idiot. Yes it's been almost 2 years and still angry. He just act like the world revolves around him This has not been the only affair he's had. He's just a liar & cheater with real issues. My heart goes out to you girls. Just be there for your mom, she'll need your love & support. Thank God that I'm not a judge for all cheaters, I would haul everyone of them to a deep ocean full of sharks. Hey! You reap what you sow.....

i agree with mr strange name here. confront him damnit.....and dont be afraid to make him feel like crap