Once And Your Done

Sorry no cheating cheat on me once and it's OVER forever. I Don't care how much you love me...if you loved me you wouldn't have done it in the first place >:)
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i agree i hate cheating, you cheat on me once and were through, but its more about the dishonesty than the act itself, i have a friend who has an open marriage and they are happy, i don't consider that to be cheating both parties agreed to and are happy with that situation, I've had a friend with benefits before and the agreement was we were together when we weren't attached to other people, both free to see other people but the minute you commit to or sleep with someone else we cool until if and when that relationship ends, i would never sleep with another womans man behind her back and i would never cheat. I am going through a divorce right now because of infidelity and it sucks, i found a box of condoms in his car and said were through.

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My wife cheated on me no sex. just found some one else.... and dropped me wow.... it hurts <br />
They do have oral sex I think, but either way with or with out sex u can cheat emotionaly too

this si true however sometime you find yoursef on a situation where you may have to i.e the lega brothel indy to help pay mortgage. it hurt us both, but i used to call him and let him listen. he knew io wansnt into it. hes a wise man. now he wont let me go back he dosent want to share; guess he just loves me too much.

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Umm, the only tangible things that you can learn from cheating is:<br />
<br />
1) It's wrong.<br />
2) You're trash.<br />
3) You have no respect for your partner.<br />
4) You have no respect for yourself.

Cheating is a violation of personal trust and social expectations--which makes it wrong--but it depends on the people involved as to whether it shows a lack of respect or even a concern for the relationship partner(s). In some cases, it may actually show a form of respect by allowing a needed relationship to continue for one of the partners by resolving sexual needs outside the relationship when the alternative is to simply end the relationship.

This is one reason why--in some cultures where women are highly dependent on men for financial support throughout their lives--mistresses are tolerated. The alternative--divorce, if it's allowed at all--ends up compromising both the wife's means of survival as well as social status as well as the man's.

exactly. if someone cheats on you and claims to love you, they're full of SHHHIIIITTT. if you love someone you dont cheat on them.

zero tolerance!!

You lost trust,respect,honor, and more.<br />
<br />
If they say they wanna be with me then they are pledging to be faithful and I hold them to that and if they break that trust then I can no longer be with them it's not trying to control their sexuality it's making sure that they can be trusted.

Why would you want to control someone's sexuality so bad? What do you lose as a result of a partner having engaged in sex with someone else? What if it helped them grow? know themselves better? be a better person?

HAAAA, you're pathetic to think that having sex with other people makes people grow. THATS ******* GROSS AND CAN SPREAD DISEASES YOU NASTY ****.

"HAAAA, you're pathetic to think that having sex with other people makes people grow. THATS ******* GROSS AND CAN SPREAD DISEASES YOU NASTY ****."
Depends on the people involved for both the "making people grow" and the transmission of diseases.