Cheating Sucks

Cheating is the worst you can do to your partner followed most likely by lying wich sucks a lot too ...I'm glad I didn't had to live through that experience and I know never will .

There are the lines of cheating ... is it just the act of sexual intercourse or does it start somewhere else? I know a lot of people live an open life, but I'm sure, for most people flirting, touching or kissing with other people besides your partner is already crossing the line of exceptence.
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I feel your pain. I just found out that my ex girlfriend of 2 years was having "sex" talk online with a couple of other men. Telling each other how good it would be when they are finally able to be together! Then she told one of them that she would get skype so they could "SEE" each other. I'm sure they will be doing the same thing. Cheating takes many forms and SUCKS no matter how it's done! Chin up man. She wasn't worth your time. Now go find someone who is! It's hard but worth it in the end!

Far too many people choose to take the easy path of cheating (yes - cheating is EASY) instead of working on their relationships. It's much easier to move on to someone else than it is to work at it when the going gets tough. More and more people in this generation are only "into" a relationship when things are good! But that tells the character of a person. Those that stick it out - especially when times are bad - are not only people of good character, but someone you would want to build a relationship with that lasts.

I recently got out of a relationship with a woman from another culture. She broke it off because after I began having money issues (business went bad) that she didn't get spoiled any longer or flowered with gifts, cars (for her kid no less), vacations, and STUFF any more. That is when it began to sour. It took a while but I saw changes in her that raised a hundred red flags! Changing hair color, spending more time at the gym (or saying that is where she was), new friends, putting me down constantly, speaking to men online about having sex together and how it would be the first time they were together (although he lives in another country), and others who wanted her to send pictures which she did frequently, texts at all hours of the day or night which she would hide from me, and a whole bunch of other signals!!!

She had told me that she wasn't doing anything wrong but everything now makes sense! The fact remains that even if she didn't spread her legs, she was still cheating! That was the start and ultimately the end of our relationship. Funny thing was that I didn't have to look very hard. She simply left her computer on one of her social sites one day and all I had to do was look! I didn't have to spy, I didn't have to use any other means. It was there for me to look and see exactly what she was doing.

The bottom line is that these types of people (especially women) get so wrapped up in their lies that they become complacent and forget about what they are doing; forget that they might get caught because they think they are much smarter than everyone else. How foolish.

This particular woman in the beginning of our relationship would brag to me about how much she wasn't like other women (especially other women from our country). She said she would NEVER cheat, and hated women who did stating that one of her girlfriends was cheating on her husband and she thought this woman was a *****. Funny - what she was doing was telling me about herself. How ironic!

I didn't see it coming and from what she told me - she had a pure heart! How stupid I was! I won't make that mistake again!!!

Sick of getting hurt!

JM from Pa.

cheating is horrible people have no morals or any sense of commitment these days, like i told my soon to be ex husband when he tried to come crawling back after i caught him cheating, you made an oath to your country when you joined the marine corps and you still served your country even though you almost got killed, you took an oath to protect and serve when you joined the police force and you upheld it even when you were being shot at, and you made an oath to me and god on our wedding day that should have been the most important oath you take your whole life, and thats the one you chose to ignore!!

It is very sad these days why can people not be faithful anymore ... It's not that deficult ... Why get in a relation ship if you can't be faith full ... Why bother ??? <br />
<br />
Thank you for all your support

Cheating is the worst thing you can do to a person in a relationship. It has happened to me and I would never do it to anyone and would not tolerate it from anyone either.

I m devastated I just caught my wife a cupel days ago helping a guy mustrobating over Skype yes he lifes far away but it dosen't matter it is still like cheating even so their is no physical contact !!! Do you have advise !?! I don't know why we have great sex and alot of it too ... And I try to mix things up and keep it interesting and exciting and I thought we did well but here I m asking my self why????

I'm so sorry to hear that, that must have been really difficult for you too see. The only thing I can say is you have to decide whether or not you can forgive her enough to get past this. If you can then you need to discover why? Most woman have a reason, it may be selfish reasons but there is always a reason. And usually its because of an emotional need. Sex really has nothing to do with it. Its the emotional need that leads to sex they are craving. So its time to evaluate what her emotional needs are and determine if there's anything you can do to fix that. Sometimes there is and sometimes there is not. But open communication will be key here. I am not there so I can't tell you exactly why or how......that will be your job. The best of luck.

God....I do this with a married guy....I dont know what Id do if his wife found out...Id be devastated.

very true but it is a common indicate of whatthe world has become a throw away place<br />
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in the 7 years i was wife my wife i never once even thought aboutit and and know she did not too<br />
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and she did go out to classes and to shows with one of the best looking guys in school as they both were in to art<br />
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i did spened many saturdays withthe head cherleader from school as we both took diving classes fromthe sameperson

Cheating is the ultimate betrayal of trust and love in a relationship. <br />
Once that happens its really hard to maintain or recover when something like that happens. <br />
I have never cheated on a partner and as far as I know haven't been cheated on. <br />
I was married for 13 years and never strayed from that marriage even though it was not a good one.<br />
Its not easy when you are not getting everything you need from a partner but..........<br />
commitment is not about until I am unhappy....its supposed to be until death.<br />
And if you find yourself where you are truly that unhappy and you have done everything you possibly can to make that relationship work......then its time to leave and end that commitment.....not cheat.

i think something as mild as flirting could be considered cheating...but thats just me. i cant even imagine wives and husbands who find out their partner has a relationship with some other shitbag. good for you for not being a cheater. theres not a lot of faithful people out there anymore.