I've Been There Before

well frankly speaking, Ive been cheater from the beginning since when I was in first year college.
I had this guy known during meeting where I attended to.
I was the only kid that time and he was like in the 20's while im still 16:P

one day morning, when I was on my way to school for my early class, he called me and invited me to be at Jollibee (one of the most popular fast food chains in the philippines) for an early breakfast.

the reason why he invited me there is because he is going to cebu to have his 2nd job as a call center agent and just wanted to see me that morning and hug me for the last time.
I really appreciate it though, I guess I don't really love him. 

days and months had gone by, messages flowing into my phone inbox from him but he got no replies from me.

I dont know why, I dont know what.. buy maybe because I didnt value his love towards me.

Ive been seeing another guy near me without having him known that I have my partner already.

is it only that Im young or what?

iamangelino iamangelino
Sep 18, 2011