Oh Don't Get Me Started

If you are ever cheated on, you know the feeling of worthlessness that you feel. Like its all your fault , like you could have prevented it. HA  thats is far from the truth. When my ex cheated on me he was playing a game. How many girls could he get into bed? How many girls could an admittedly married man get into his bed?  I am not sure if I hated him more or the females who still screwed him knowing he was married. No one believes that marriage is sacred anymore and you shouldn't be out trying to bang your neighbors husband/wife, best friends husband/wife, siblings spouse or anyone else who may be married or involved in a relationship. I think its sad and pathetic that few respect anyone enough to leave the"taken" people alone. I look and admire from afar and wouldn't dream of crossing the boundaries. I realize we are not all perfect and I am far from being such but I do respect others  and would like the same consideration. I can't stand cheaters~

icyfire icyfire
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3 Responses Apr 27, 2008

It's sad to think that people like u, like me...etc... we seem to be a MINORITY when it comes to having INTEGRITY! It's vey sad!!

I feel as you do.

Well said Icy, I completely agree. Cheating is a completely selfish behavior.