Fender Bender Date!

I have had some first dates not go very well before but only one embarrassing moment that has gained an immortal status in my dating career and quite a funny story I will tell for years.

Senior year in college I meet a very nice girl on campus who is a residency director working on her masters degree. Sherry is her name and she is actually the same height as me, nearly six feet very pretty, and boy was excited to ask her out on a date. We had some pretty awesome and flirty phone conversations so I told her “I am taking you to Olive Garden!”

So when I go to pick her up the worst and most embarrassing thing happens. She lives in one of the dorms on campus so she told me to part in front of her building. Well in this section the parking lots are only a few spaces reserved for students to drop of their stuff you can’t park longer than 15 minutes. So as I am trying to find somewhere to park my truck I get stuck in between about 5 cars wanting to enter and exit this lot that can’t hold more than probably ten cars. I back up to get a little space and before I even look back I run my bumper into another student’s car, right in front of my date who has just walked outside. So we spend about 15 min with campus police, getting info exchanged, me saying sorry to her about 80 times, and finally heading to dinner. Just dented the student’s bumper a bit but I shook off the rough start and the date ended being very nice. We only went out a few more times and just became friends, mostly due to my military enlistment that will begin after May 23. But Sherry and the Fender Bender date will always be engrained into my memory and told for many years to come!

On a side note a date a girl and I went on a few years ago was embarrassingly funny. We went to Abuelos, very nice Mexican restaurant, but I had just worked on my truck and we had practiced dancing after that so we were both sweaty and I was dirty with my mechanic attire on. They sat us by ourselves at least 30 feet away from everyone else. Still laugh about it to this day.
Antwan1914 Antwan1914
26-30, M
Feb 24, 2012