Cheaters Should Be Shot

I am very sick of guys cheating on their women. What is the point of being with someone if you desire other people. I have watched many girls go through breakups like crazy. I have been throgh many myself. I feel like I should grab the guy by his privates and cut them off.
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What about a wife that doesn't care whether you are there or not? Oh, sure if I bring it up it is then important, but if I don't we could literally go for days without kissing or talking. She thinks I will always be there for when she decides I am worth her free time. I am not so sure any more. I am not getting any younger...

What about Woman that cheat what should their Punishment be. If you have the tools, I have a list.

It is the behaviour of cowards and immature, disrespectful people.. and remember that you are superior to such stupidity - ALWAYS!

You know what lady...
People get what they deserve and what they sow they Will reap it sooner or later.

People think they are clever by playing with others emotions but kinda sad they end up messing up bad and end up hurt lonely and unhappy

But by then it's tooooo late ;)

It's not just men obviously, I am a male who comes from a military family with two brothers who feel exactly the same way you and I do about cheaters period, despite their gender. I have never cheated in my ENTIRE LIFE I feel it is betrayal at the highest level next to treason. To be able to be committed to someone and look them in the eyes, lie to them, stay with them and engage in sexual conduct is beyond anything i have ever been able to comprehend or be capable of. The behavior of those individuals does not respect ALL of the male population although I am sad to say I'm sure it is the majority. I have been loyal to women who have cheated and once it's done to you it has an impact that seems to last forever. It Makes you doubt anyone's genuine ability to be in a committed monogamous relationship. Don't let it make you stoop to their level EVER, keep your integrity and be very careful who you choose to commit to.
I sometimes think Loyalty seems to be a trait that has been lost and I have lost the one woman I planned to spend my entire life with and had a son with due to her inability to refrain from instant gratification among other things. I hope you have not been turned bitter by your experience and I encourage you to not let it effect you in future relationships.

Women cheat too. Gender doesn't make liars.

I've been in love with this man for over 16 years and found out that he thinks nothing of cheating. When I confronted him, he said "It's only sex, I don't feel anything". And because we aren't married, he says he's not cheating.<br />
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I talked to someone about my heartbreak and anger, and why I finally told him goodbye. She told me I was pathetic because I let myself be cheated on. She's cheating on her husband and she thinks that's fine. This seems to be the attitude of most of people I know and that makes me so depressed.

I'm glad you left him. You deserve better. I disgust cheaters , quite many of my friends have cheated on their men too. Women are no better than men! Hope you'll find someone who respects you and who doesn't need other women.

i left my husband 3 months ago after finding a box of condoms hidden in his car. Every single relationship ive ever been in i was either cheated on or the guy left me for someone else. When i met my husband he swore to me that he would never cheat on me thats one of the main reasons i married him.
You know the punishment in saudi arabia and islam for adultey is death by stoning, i may not totally be for that......but i understand it!!

death by stoning ..sounds good

Nice story, I enjoyed it immensely!

I recently found out that my husband is having an affair although he's denying it his phone records show diffrently. Weve been married for 12 years but have been dating since I was 15 years old. I'm a mother of two work full-time and attend school full-time. I can't eat or sleep I'm at lost. I'm looking for a cellphone tracking online that I can track his location in order to have photo's for court. CAN ANYONE PLEASE HELP......

Most men cheat...its only because of their nature...u should talk to him and not be upset...just sit him down n ask him y do he cheat? Is it because he can? Because he fell in love with the person? Tell him u will not be mad @ him but u just want to know the truth...

I agree with you. When my trust was betrayed by my National Guard husband, he was in Iraq. I was the dutiful and devoted wife left at home. I did everything for him--sent him daily cards, letters, care packages. I fixed up the garage into a man cave complete with a big screen tv for his homecoming. I did the web cam thing for him. I was determined to support my soldier 100%, only to learn that he had been flirting on-line with a girl the whole time telling her he was single. It broke my heart in a million pieces. It's been 4 years, and I still haven't recovered. I've lost my will to do anything. I'm depressed most of the time and don't feel like there's much reason to try at anything. He broke my heart, my spirit, my soul and my life. If you need some balls to cut off, you can borrow his if you want.

Why? Why do they cheat? If you are in a loveless marriage, end it, then find someone else. I don't think your spouse knows the kind of pain they are inflicting. I was cheated on one year ago and still am not over it. Don't think I ever will get over it. Still trying for the sake of my family. it really that bad? If so...WHY? He is human...never put ur trust 100% in any person only in God can u trust 100% so step back n know that his issues does not define u

It's become acceptable, that's why it;s become more prevalent. People romanticize it. The more it's broadcasted & cheaters are made to have a bad name in the general public (IE - post blogs announcing that the guy/girl is a cheater - and mention him by NAME!), the more people will think 2ce before doing it - because now there is a concrete consequence to the action.

NationalGuardChic101, i'm 100% on your side. My wife cheated on me, so i know how it feels. Hope you get that chance to cut off that guy's balls. He doesn't deserve to have them anymore.