Why Cheat?

I have no sympathy for anyone who cheats on the person they claim they love so much. It doesn't matter what age, gender, race, etc. you are, if you really love someone, why cheat on them? Love in a relationship should be conditional, not situational. Arguments, disagreements, differences happen all the time but why is that an excuse for you to step out and cheat? It's not. If you want to be with someone else, leave the first person you're with before you have sex with another. You can name a hundred and one excuses on why you should/did cheat and you can hem and haw about how "you won't understand till you've been there" but remember, everything that comes out of your mouth is one thing and one thing only: excuses, and there is a saying for that: excuses are like ********, everybody's got one.
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I look at cheating as a very guilt-ridden way of ending a relationship. If nothing else, you're gonna be working for years to rebuild that trust.

I haven't figured this out either.

yeah, why guys love cheating! i don't understand. no matter how much they say they love u, they could always do sth unacceptable! why!!!

My feelings exactly!

i'm so sorry for u. i've been with my bf for a year and a half. i thought we were so happy together and he kept telling me that he wanted to settle down and he loved me so much bla bla. and i was so much in love with him and i trusted him. but i just found out that he tried to kiss a girl who is his student and got a "no". he acted like nothing happened cos the girl refused him to kiss her. what if she didn't i keep wondering!

ouch. that is really sad. but mine is more pathetic. he already did that with that girl.