You Should Be Ashamed Of Yourself!

How dare you message me and ask "Ok with married men?" or "lets have sex", when you are Married or in a Relationship!

That is absolutely disgusting and horrible!

Of-course I said no because I am not a home wrecker, nor am I like that. I told you to divorce or break-up with your partner if you don't love them anymore.

DivinaRuh DivinaRuh
22-25, F
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If you not know what is understand hints nobody will spoonfeed you or protect u as in your mindset if there is any i am not assuming but if you not understand hints then you are in no position to blame anyone if you get upset.

Are you self possesing that he is your husband if a guy is not around you most of the time it only means he still want to screw learn to understand hints.

I'm with you!

Great! If more people were like you....the world would be so different! Never compromise your morals and your standards, all those desperate women out there that go with anyone they meet online, have sex the first or second date...then they find out he is married...what are they thinking? That this wonderful man is going to change because of them? If you meet a cheater online....RUN! Chances are he only wants sex from you no matter how wonderful and sweet you are....and also, he is not worth the is too short to get involved with damaged goods. Take it from me, I am trying to make my marriage work after Discovering that my husband of 27 years had a sex addiction and dated and had sex with hundreds of women...he is a pathogical liar and I was dealing with our daughter who had an eating disorder, two younger kids and work so....I wasn't paying attention to him...I though we both were on the same boat! He had stopped the behavior completely 7 months prior to me finding out, I know because I hacked the heck out of everything...emailed the last 3 women and I know that I had ALLthe info there was to have....then I had the burden of deciding whether to stay or leave, my kids' lives turned upside down, financial I stayed and everyday Im trying to make this work. He is a changed man, or at least he went back to being the man I married....but the images, the emails, the restaurants he took and romanced them in, will haunt me forever...I will have to learn to live with this, but I will never be the same person again. SO...please stay good and honor yourself, dont go with a married man ever, believe me, if I'd known before getting married this was going to happen down the line, I would have not married him, I would not marry him again actually, the pain is killing me, but it does get better day by day, and he IS doing everything he can...but still I don't know it will ever be enough.

Sometimes it really is never enough.

You need to think of YOU and do what's best for YOU. If you don't want this, leave. You shouldn't have to look behind you every second to see if he's being faithful.

You should not have to live in this horrible pain, you should consider leaving.

All the best xoxo

dear, there is no word to express my feeling. only a great human being can think this way. nowdays every one thinking about him or herself. people like u are very rare. i am surprised as well as pleased to see there are some people which have similar views. really u r great. god will always take care of u. one more thing i would like to say, i have seen a terrible effects of adultery on a family. really it is not noly cruel but a henious crime. once my mother told me, if some people are so weak and they are not in condition to give strong answer to injustice. the nature do that. it takes the revenge. those have brain as well as sense and heart like u they never indulge in this type of activity. really i am fond of u. keep it up.

good for you girl

You are strong and a moral young women. Unfortunately some men are true pigs other are chased by women looking for married men. He might have thought you were one of those. A woman told asked my husband if he was married and he said yes happily. She answered I love happily married men was to hook up. So there are both women and men that are disgusting and immoral. You stand your ground and you will find a man to cherish. Smile you are awesome :)

Well said your very brave woman

Do you have any idea how many men post ads looking to have an affair? I have been cheated on, and know how much pain is caused by these selfish cowards. If a man isn't happy or a woman they need to just move on!

I do have a clear idea at how many people post ads and stuff. It's pathetic.

And I totally agree with you. MOVE ON!

I've been hurt so much that sometimes I think that all men are animals. I would become a lesbian if I were attracted to them, but unfortunately I'm not!

Most boys are animals. It's quite a shame.

I have only met a few guys that earned being called a MAN.