Beware Of Karma

I personally didn't believe in Karma cause when life sucks you always believe that everything good happens to others while bad is kept only and only for you. But just recently I found out that you must never put Karma to test because it knows how to screw your life and happiness.

Note: To all who were cheated this is going to be a killer story to read and it’s a true story.

My friend had a pompous, arrogant, ill mannered, and rude, fake & ***** ex who would talk all the time about money and was shameless enough to be proud about cheating behind my best friend, my bro, my best buddy since childhood. I was personally shocked to see that she was not true all this time. Anyways she moved into a new city and it didn't take her much time to date another dude who was fully loaded.

But in no time they broke off, dude cheated on her with his ex (Karma Strike 1), according to her she was pissed and shocked (yeah right after tasting her own medicine who wouldn't).

Again she moved to another city and still craved for a man who is more loaded, she is a typical gold digger, but too cunning to show her true motives in front of anyone.

This time she ****** up her own situation by dating not just a man who is loaded, but someone who is a ******* LAWYER. Now my friend was also in the same city where she was dating this LAWYER and so one day she called him up to meet for old times’ sake, now he too was dating someone, so he didn't mind, but she had basically called to just show off, but instead he shocked to see her true form, she got a call from the other guy in front of him and she had the audacity to say to the other guy on phone that- you may love me, but you can't keep me happy as much as David (lawyer guy) does who buys her Louis Vuitton bags, jewelries and what not.

Life is good between her and this lawyer guy until she gets bored of him cause let’s face the fact that while he can shower her all the money he can, but he is about in 30s ends so no stamina and no energy. And this COMPELLED her to go to the other guy just to cheat and come back (Biggest wrong move ever, she lost her mind).

But it didn't take long for the Lawyer guy to find out and he didn't just break up but in fact did everything in his power to defame her completely to the extent that she had to leave the city. How bad did the guy went- well bad enough to have cops raid her place under false claims of her being in prostitution.
(Karma Strikes 2 for break up, 3 for raid, 4 for her leaving to the city again)

She finally goes back to the other guy and within 2 months she is dumped again by this dude for getting back with his ex with whom he had cheated on her earlier (Karma Strikes 5).

Now a lot of you may ask how I know all this well because it was told by this same girl on phone to my best friend to get back after she had to go through all this.

The least my friend could do is forgive her and wish her best of luck because he is with someone else who respects him for what he is than his money.
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My ex husband was my bf for 5 years and cheated on me with a Sikh girl for 7 years. I forgave him as wedding was around the corner and I thought he would change. He wad my first and I loved him more than anything in the world. We got married and I found out about his hidden fb account, his affair with co worker etc...
He got me pregnant asap and two weeks later he and his family threw me out reason being he would swear at me infront of his family and physically push me front of them I was always bullied and put down. He wouldn't stick up for me

He begged to come home and get took need back. He then stoped bringing food in the house, would eat take away infront of me and not offer. took all my wedding money leaving me with no money and kept me locked indoors.
He threw me in the second bedroom, raped me, deliberately withheld food starving me and baby of nutrients and withdrew himself from me emotionally and physically. He was verbally abusive.

Hus sisters tried helping him to miscarry the baby. He would stress me out, his sisters throw bottles of salt in my food ti raise my bp so I miscarry and his little sister put oil in the shower so I slip and fall.
When I was 2 1/2 months pregnant he pushed me out onto the streets where I stayed with parents and till I was 7 months pregnant. He never contacted me till I was 7 months and sed he was sending me a divorce. Those 4 months I cried everyday prayed to god he would come back. I got a mate of mine to contact n flirt with his mate just to get info about my husband and y he wasn't coming back for me and baby.

They got carried away and sex chatted.

When he came back for me eventually....
At 7 months he sed I was having a boy and I said it was a girl. He used to take pics of my belly and send them to his sisters. When he found out it was a girl he told me his feelings had changed for cried in the last two weeks of pregnancy and lost my appetite.

Baby was born and he would see me and baby at hospital but never call or text later to check up on us. His family never came to see the baby at the hospital for 3 days.

When they saw her at home they started putting him against me saying he shwouldn't serve food to guests. I was tired and was stitched up and couldn't move.

Third day later he hit me in the nose over family issues. His family gave my daugher nothing and my family had bought her pram cot down to her baby bath n shampoo. He did nothin for her.
He began locking me in the house
Raped me
Began hitting me and accused me of sex chatting his mate
Put me down as I gained weight
Played mind games ignored me and made me feel small called me fat black and ugly knowing I had post natal depression. I felt suicidal
He left me day and made me stay awake till 5am and when I'd sleep an hour later he would punch me in my epidural and wake me for breakfast.
I lost over two stones in 3 weeks
I stoped eating. He forced me to breast feed and was not allowed to feed baby formula. U couldn't produce sufficient milk and baby would cry till her lips went dry like shes on the desert he would pinch my breasts and choke the baby by forcing milk out.
Told me my baby couldn't see family as I had no1
He would tell midwives I'm a bad mother.
He would call me a ***** and hit me.
He tried burning ny stitches with boiling water and ripped my stitches two weeks after baby was born laterby forced sex.
He would kick if my foot if it touched his in bed
I was beaten up for taking antibiotics
He would always swear at me and tell me he will divorce me and I shold pick my Daugher and get lost.

Anyways lots more happened....


His mate and sister tried splitting our marriage and he believed their lies... I cried and pleaded my innocence and he would hit me. Only because he was having an affair with his work colleague and wanted to be with her.

Once he hit me and I cried said that one day when I leave him he will lose hus house his job and wife n kid n will regret it but he laughed In my face....

1. I called the cops reported incident and he was arrested and on bail
but later released after 10 months as lack of
He divorced me on my birthday
2. Work collegue left him
3. Married a fat ugly woman he is embarrassed of
4 lost his house repossession
5. Lost daughter as socials say he is not safe
6. Kept phoning me to listen to my voice on voice mail and telling need via songs he regrets it
7. Reduced money income... the more he worked the more maintenance he had to pay

My life year over a year on....
1. New cottage house of my dreams
2. Good job income
3. Beautiful daughers love
4.a gorgeous loving and caring guy who wants to adopt my baby and marry me most of all he understands me
5. Back to sexy pre pregnancy size...

That's karma ;)

Thanks for sharing
I wish guy who cheated on me will be punished by karma one day