I Love Karma

To start off id like to say cheating isn't an accident its a choice.
I was with whom I thought was love of my life we were together for 3 years we were inseparable we did everything together until she enlisted in the army reserves which i was ok with i supported her in everything she did and everything was great i even proposed to her and we ment to get married when she returned from ait. Well we made it through boot camp with letters being the only way of talking to each other so when she graduated from boot camp i spent $867 to fly to north Carolina and see her. I can say i have never been so happy but i was only able to see her for 3days then she was off to ait and Thats when things started to go wrong she started to get more and more suspicious of me cheating on her and if you know anything about cheaters you know that they start accusing the other person of cheating and this went on for weeks until she slipped up and didnt block a post that the guy she was seeing put on her face book wall saying "bored in class i need my entertainment brittany Norton get ur *** over here" so as the concerned fiance i asked about it and she blew up on me saying i was crazy and that i was over reacting so not wanting to argue i just went along with it wanting to believe her but then 2 weeks later she decided to go active and like i said i supported her decision and i was willing to wait for her but 3days of telling me she wanted us to stay together she dumped me and started dating that guy the same weekend and i plunged into a downward spiral of drinking myself to death but just when i thought it couldn't get worse karma decided to pay her a visit she ended up getting pregnant and was forced to marry him do to strict military regulations on situations like that and now shes stuck with a man she dont love with who will be in Korea for 2 years and Germany for 3 while she is stuck with a kid and can no longer go active duty and been disowned by her family and is currently living with her friend and her parents and im living in a 4bedroom two story house with a great job and plenty of money with my amazing wife so i must say karma is a *****.
bigchief93 bigchief93
18-21, M
Jan 10, 2013