Me,my Friend and the Cheater!!

I like a boy for 5 years and I finally DATED him :) and I dated him 4 2 months and my friend went and lied 4 he could date her,,it was her "X" boyfriend and she told me she didnt LIKE him at alllll and one day he called me and ask me was I fighting over him on the Internet,,,LOL YEAH RIGHT,,,I wouldnt fight over a guy 4 my life...about 4 or 3 months later my other friend ask him did he like me,,and u prob know the answer (yes) he ask me out and STUPID me I said yeah,,,and this time we dated a week and my friend went and lied again and DUMB him he bleaved her and he cheated on me with her the ***** in school,,(NO LIE) ohh ok do u want the other lie she told she said I cheated on him with every guy in school :(( and he beleaved her,,,HE EVEN ASK MY BFFL DID I CHEAT ON HIM AND SHE GO'S NOPE AND HE STILL BELEAVED HER  ,,,Now I try 2 still be her friend and she acts like she is going 2 leave or in the shower :( (DOSE ANY1 LIKE 2 BE CHEATED ON I KNOW I DONT)
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Well me and her r friends again,,and We havent dated the guy since,,I dont like him anymore and hopefully she dont either,,But now he was telling her lies and she didnt beleave them soo thats pretty good,,Thanks mak314

it's always a bad idea to date someone your friend has already dated for reasons like this next time if you like a guy your friend has already been with you might as well forget it. It will only cause more arguments and lies and could possibly ruin your friendship. Whats more important to you having a friend or a boyfriend. Guys come and go and there is no shortage of them out there find someone that hasn't been with your friend if you want to keep her as a friend or find new friends.