For a Lot of Reasons.

Though I would like to say that the other party in the affair is just as guilty and is just as bad if they know the person has a partner. Some people seek out others that are in relationships and I really think it's disgusting.
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You can't justify cheating on someone. At any point you can stop and talk to your partner and if you can't then the relationship should end, lets be honest cheating ends the relationship anyway, if they don't split up the person that was cheated on will never fully trust their partner again. <br />
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If my partner wanted to sleep with another woman I would prefer to know and make the decision of either letting him or ending the relationship then have all the lies and deception. <br />
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Chanteuse1984 I am sorry to hear that, I started a group called "I hate women who know they are the other woman" because I really think they are just as bad, more so if they personally know you. <br />
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The woman that my fiance cheated on me with was a mutual acquaintance who is married and knew damn well that we were engaged. Some people just don't give a damn about other people's feelings and needs, only their own.

i agree i hate that crap .. makes me pissed off