I went out with the girl next-store to me for about a year, she was pretty and nice and we kissed a few times. One day we were sittin on the fence talkin and she says to me "Ethan I'm breaking up with you im seeing someone else" and then she got up, walked into her house and I barely ever saw her again. I don't want anyone to feel that way and cheating is the worst pain you can ever have.
Nyanbi Nyanbi
16-17, M
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First of all why are people so young getting into relationships that they can't handle......

Well they said that in 2000 the world will end and i start to believe they were right.... It kinda did....


Well you at young so good thing it happened like this rather than later with someone that would have maybe made the pain worse.

I always think about how none of my friends nor me ever had the experience of walking over our loved ones while they are sleeping with another. I personally think that one is THE WORST things possible.

So chin up, many other girls to come don't you worry! Just always remember: never give yourself fully to anyone. Always have a piece of your heart only to yourself. That way you can cope with most of any kind of break up.

That's kind of sad and ****** up, but most likely true as well.