I don't understand the point of being with someone and then "Oh, I have changed my mind. I will go after this one instead"
and comes to you, "I'm leavin you" all kinda craps.
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i agree... my partner left us and lived with a married woman, a sales lady. He left me and my daughter.. and even if i had confirmed that they are living together, he still denied it! I really don't understand people, they chose to be in a complicated situation instead of fixing their family... I hope God will do something about these kind of individual.

Agreeeeed! Besides, why go for someone else when you already got someone? I really don't see the point.


discontented as they are! they are the dumbest, insensitive, no mercy individuals!!!

I agree, but if there was not someone who takes people in a relationship they would not be able to cheat.
There is a group on ep... I'm the other woman... They are proud of it and believe everything they are told by the cheating guy.

that is ridiculous! they could say they are proud because they're not the one being cheated.. in time, things they do will return to them like a striking boomerang! will hit them reaLLy HARD!

They think they are immortal lol. Providing a service.

well their service are free of charge too. But it'll go through bankruptcy real soon.

True, they will find another rich person to cheat with lol
I don't understand when they say they trust them as lying to your other half shows they not be trusted.

if they find another rich person to cheat with it will take a lot of will for a rich to be idiotic enough to let the cheater cheat on their money. Although some kids these days are rich and pampered... but not all of them would be that stupid to not see through the lying eyes right?

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