Cheating Bastard

I thought it would never happen to me. I found out about a month that my common-law spouse was cheating on me. He said they only kissed but I found out about 4 days ago that they have been sleeping with each other for over a year, it's his ex girlfriend. We even have a 3 month old baby that he did this to. I would even be more understanding if she was good looking, but she is 300ibs and nasty. He wouldn't even wear a condom with her so I may have got an std from him. I am trying to work it out for the kids sake but I don't know if he will change and I couldn't take being cheated on again. I am finding it difficult to live through days and thoughts of suicide have been very frequent. I can honestly say I don't love him anymore, I just hope the feelings come back. I have had many thought of getting revenge and cheating on him but I couldn'u cause we have a child.

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3 Responses Mar 12, 2009

Take your kids and leave the A$$HOLE!

My life has recently been effected by a cheating man <br />
<br />
He cheated - I will never give him another chance.<br />
<br />
a cheater doesn't EVER change<br />
they may learn to control their natural impulse - to cheat - but they can never be trusted again.<br />
<br />
every woman deserves an honest FAITHFUL man.

wow! ur story could be MINE exactly.... I was suicidal, i was so depressed,..its been two years and im JUST starting to heal. We are still together but like u, i dont feel im in love with him anymore, i dont think that will ever come back. He hasnt tried to help me get thru all this, its like he just wanted it to magically go away. The betrayal is so painful and his **** was an ugly wrinkled up crack ***** white trash cheap **** star looking THANG! lol,..okay YEAH, im still pissed, ....CAN U TELL? lol<BR>If u ever want to talk, im here for u, i know the pain it takes alot of time and counceling BUT trust me in TIME the hurt wont be so deep,... it DOES GET BETTER! PLZ trust me, u will live this will not kill u,.. focus on ur baby... thats a love that last forever!!!