Nuh uhh! You never saw it coming!

Well. Today was a total surprise for me.

My room mate's ex came by with out notice and dropped in for the day.

This is a person who in the past has cheated, lied and stolen.

He came here with the intent to make up with my room mate and get back together with him, apologize for his wrongs and try to make right!

Well one thing back fired on him.  Me.

That's, because it was totally working. My room mate was wrapped around his finger and swooning.

He didn't know I know the person he is going out with and  who he is living with. That they are both very dear friends of mine.

From the second he arrived at the house, I right away wanted to jump on him and just start swinging. I didn't though. I played it cool, acted normal and kept quiet. i made it the entire day through till he left this evening. The person this letcherous F**ker lives with  is one of my best friends, whose totally is in love with him and thought that it was mutual.

Well! guess what F**ker!

I know your dirty secret, and today I blew wide open to both of my good friends.

I sat there the whole time he cuddled with my roomie, whispering, kissing and acting like a total sweetheart. The whole time through i sat there on my computer, refraining from violence and telling every detail to the person he is living with. Once he left I let my roomie in on the story and I'll just say that my roomie was shocked and in disbeliefe that he could do that again, after having made such a huge apology for his past.

I even set up for both of my friends to meet and talk it out, figure out the facts and come up with a plan for them both to kick out and dump the sucker!

it's great, because both my friends are so glad to know the truth and thanked me for being a good enough friend to come foreward and try and stop him from hurting them.


I feel like I have been a good friend, my ego has been stroked, and I feel like an evil mastermind tonight!

Oh yes! Muhahahaha!



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1 Response May 7, 2009

Good for you!! Im also happy to hear that it all worked out for the best. That had the chance to blow up badly for you.