Egg On His Face Now

So back about  4 yrs ago, when my ex and i were seeing other people, i met this guy online who was local. He was german, hot, had the sexy accent and we had a fun little brief encounter. We didn't have full sex because i was not able to at the time, lets just say nature impeded. Anywho, a little after that i moved 5 hrs south back home and never heard from him. About 3 yrs later, circa 7 months ago i hear from him, he has no girlfriend and wants to hook up. I profess my love for someone, and he wants me to cheat on them saying, they'll never know and mind you the girl he left , he had participated in an abortion with. Moving on to yesterday,, he  messages out of the blue and says if i will be in area soon, i ask why. He says he wants to screw me, and asks if i'm single. I say yes, and ask him the same. Get this, he says he is involved yes. I say what? What about her?  He has the audacity to say , but i want to screw you.  I asked if he was tired of her, He says yes.  I tell him this : Back in 2004, i would have done it and without shame. But now, I will not and cannot disrespect that girl. Out of respect for her, i will do no such thing.

Im proud of myself. I think i'm really growing. It's exciting.

I'm in love with someone and i've been  abstinent because i'm waiting for him.  if it doesn't work out , i will have at least proved to myself that

 i am stronger than any physical want

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2 Responses Feb 22, 2010

Good for you. Being the other woman is degrading & if he'd do that to her, he probably isn't very honest in other ways as well. You're better off w/o him.

yup you are right. By having gotten into it with him you really would have only been disrespecting that girl and inadvertently yourself. Its great you thought of it that way alot of people do not.