Theres No Excuse

Theres no excuse for cheating. None what so ever. I especially hate the ones that cite kids as a reason to stay. Thats the worst reason ever. If you are unhappy about something then leave!!! You use the kids as reason yet you provide a role model for them that is deceitful and underhanded? Thats ridiculous. Further more you are also saying that your happiness is not important and therefore you will be teaching them by way of example that THEIR happiness is not important. Again not a good thing for self esteem related issues.

Also no one has the right to lie and fool with another persons emotions. Now strictly speaking in relation to the 3rd party that you got involved with. Having that fundamental lack of concern for another person mimics someone like Scott Petersons M.O, personality. So when you think you need to stop and chaet that no one will ever know or find out. Chew that over for thought. 

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2 Responses Mar 3, 2010

Well said! And you are right, there is no excuse for cheating on anyone. If I had a girlfriend and found out she was cheating on me, I would toss her to the curb instantly. I wouldn't sit and listen to apologies, I wouldn't listen to excuses, I wouldn't sit and watch her cry or beg. <br />
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The rules of baseball: 3 strikes and your out<br />
The rules set by my heart: 1 strike and your out.<br />
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I say that because I only have one heart, and once you break it, its gone.

I agree with everything you said. I don't understand cheating. If you want to **** someone else then break up with the one you are with right? I am 15 weeks pregnant and found out my bf was cheating on me a week ago today and he's out of the picture for good! My heart aches and I am so sad but I am going to teach my baby to be loyal and honest,just like mama:}