Put It On Blast! I Hate Cheaters

I hate it when…

I go against my better judgment NOT TO CALL the number I found hidden in my (now ex) mans cell phone. The number was hidden in the notepad section of his phone. Yeah yeah I did it. I f%ckin went through his phone. Something I prided myself never to do cause I’m not a jealous, needy, or clingy person, but things just weren’t adding up and there it was…a hidden number. I sat for hours walking myself through the possibilities if I were to call, if I don’t call, if I let it go, if I confront him, or when I should do any of these things. I even went as far as to walk through possible reactions and counter reactions to those things AND YET I STILL CALLED.

I F%CKING HATE THAT SH!T!!!!!!!!!!!!

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sydneyDix sydneyDix
31-35, F
1 Response Mar 25, 2010

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