I Hate Chewing, Crunching And Gulping Sounds.

Wow!  I have been bothered by this since I was a kid!  I didn't know there were other people who feel the same way I do.  I recall being on the school bus one day and the kid behind me was chewing gum very noisly.  I wanted to turn around and strangle him/her!  I cannot tolerate the sound of hard candy being crunched,  sucked on or hitting against the teeth;  the sound of food being chewed; breathing heavily and chewing; and I hate watching people's mouths as they chew.

So.......what's wrong with me?
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Wow, I just plugged in "I hate crunching" and yours was the first one that came up! And everything you said is what I hate. Crunching, breathing while chewing, gulping . . Nice to know I'm not the only one. I see your post is from four years ago . . . .

I have suffered from this problem since I was a child and my father was like that. I am not sure if it is genetic or picked up from experiences.

I know that any experience you have as a child, if it is shocking can have a permanent affect on that child. I have heard of an experiment done on baby, or maybe a year old child, where they showed the baby a fluffy white rabbit and rang the bell really loud. The did that many times. That child grew up fearing anything while and fluffy.

We all fear many things. They are all phobias, but we take them for granted that it is normal, for example to be fearful of height, spiders, snakes etc. Since my father had a the same problem then that could mean it is genetic and a phobia like any other phobias. If that is true then those who suffer from this phobia must have some common characteristics.

I found that in very rare cases when I am very happy I can tolerate it much better. Some brain disorders trigger aggression and hate. I suffer from depression all the time, so I think if we have a lot of problems that we cannot solve and we are frustrated, we are already on the edge and any chemical imbalance can trigger aggression much easier.

Brain disorder:
From my experience, if you imagine someone swearing at you and provoking you in the most extreme way. Then you want to beat that person up and perhaps kill him. So if there is a shortcut from one state of mind to that state then one circumstance could be interpreted as a hostile one without reason. I think when people aggravate someone they do it verbally and as humans are very sensitive to facial and verbal expressions, the shortcut to interpret eating as someone talking to you and insulting you. This is because the sound of eating has a disharmony and not melodic or smooth. So the brain considers that as a hostile noise. I guess people with this phobia are very sensitive, musical and love order and harmony, so they cannot tolerate disharmony. I personally am an artist, musician and love order and cannot tolerate ignorance, stupidity, disorder, untidiness, impurity, cruelty and rudeness, so maybe it is to do with that.

I also found that if I really like someone I do not get angry when they crunch but as soon as they do something wrong and I lose that trust or pure image I had of them they I cannot tolerate it any more.

You may want to look MISOPHONIA up in Google - it sounds very much like what you are going through....

I cant eat in public, near people eating . i cant stand slurping, sucking,guzling,chewing,sighing , burping ,lip smaking , heavy brreathing.peoples facail ex<x>pression while eating food, and i cant stand talking about how delicious food is , i hate it all .. i cant have unmatching knives and forks i eat all meeals except those with knives and forks with desert sized spoons . i wont wash my hair with un matching shampoo and condtioner ihate odd numbers ... life is hard i go through days were i cant be near people or myself i want to cry and hurt things ..... i have serious issues help!!!!

If I could, I would breal the face of anyone making any noise while they eat that I can hear. It has been that way for me as long as I have been alive. No doctor can tell me what it is,

i am 36 and have been this way since i was a child - i have gotten off buses in the past because a person would be eating a packet of crisp!!!! - dont know what is wrong with me either lol - i hate everything you do - and the heavy breathing omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hate it<br />
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