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I absolutely hate hearing people bite, chew, slurp, gulp etc. Basically, any mouth or breathing noice (heavy breathing and snoring are the worst). My mom used to be the same way, and I developed this issue around age 7. Somehow, she was "cured", and now she acts like I'm crazy!! My stepfather and brother mindlessly stare at the TV, shaking their glass full of ice, shoving it in their mouths, slurping, chewing and spitting half out back into the glass. This can last for hours. GROSS!! It makes me shake and start to cry. When I'm at their house, I can hear it from the other room.

I also have a coworker who slurps everything, whether it's hot, cold, liquid or solid. It sounds like a joke, as if someone is pretending to make a slurping noise. Then she follows it with a big lip smack. Then there's the girl who eats apples all day. I get to hear the struggle of the apple detaching from it's core, then the banal "crunch crunch crunch!!" that follows. I'm generally surrounded by people who could make mashed potatoes sound crunchy. I'm not really supposed to wear headphones at work, either.

I remember a friend from elementary school. I would sleep over her house, and she would eat cereal in the morning. As if her crunching wasn't bad enough, she would follow it by slurping the rest of the milk off her spoon. I wanted to die!
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2 Responses Aug 10, 2010

Poor dear. I can relate to your demise 10-fold. I've analyzed
my issue and came up w/the fact
that my MA had 3 girls in 3 years. I was last. I think she held it against me for not being a boy.
And her disregard of me only got deeper. Nonetheless, She would
(my thoughts ) leave me upstairs in the bassinet alone and neglected, till dad got home.
But I had to stretch to listen for any affection to come my way.
So as time went on I developed
very good hearing. Growing up and everything else that comes w/living has been nothing more than a debilitating existence.
No restaurants for me. Mexican
restaurant. Geez no..

Wow..... i have the exact same problem >.< i start to cry as well. Do you think it's a type of.. phobia??

Phobia. It's pain. Your shedding tears over listening to pigs w/o ediquette have such disregard for how they publicly project themselves. The noise that omits out of their orifices. So painful.