"Misophonia, literally “hatred of sound”, is a form of decreased sound tolerance, also known as Selective Sound Sensitivity Syndrome or 4S.... misophonia is specific for certain sounds." Also, "People who have misophonia are most commonly annoyed, or even enraged, by the sound of other people eating, breathing, coughing, or other ordinary sounds." (from Wikipedia)

I was told by a counselor, when I was around 14, that I sounded like I had misophonia, although she might have been joking. It's not something that is really diagnosed. But the minute I said, "the sound of others chewing doesn't just annoy me, it makes me feel angry. I want to yell at them - why can't you learn to chew quietly, politely!?"

When I was 6, I would cry at the dinner table because my brother chewed with his mouth open. When my sister would scrape her fork across her plate (sometimes on purpose), I would scream and cover my ears. Certain sounds, like cash registers opening and chalk on the board at school, would drive me insane. As I got older, I learned to deal with it and now I am pretty good at tuning out sounds. Sometimes, however, I will be startled at work by my cash drawer opening. The only sound I can't tune out though is chewing. It drives me insane.

Gum is a horrible invention. I feel like Willy Wonka - gum is gross and annoying. The sounds that come from people's mouths and jaws is revolting and yet, totally excepted. Why is it polite to chew what is essentially human cud in public? Sick.
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I feel the same. Whenever I hear my father chew and breathe heavy when he's eating I get so disgusted I have to put music on to not be grossed out. Like can't you chew quiet?!

So glad others suffer too! I have just been feeling really angry with my 10 year and the noises he makes and I know he's eating as quietly as possible, he has lovely table manners. I've been like it since I was a kid, I can't listen to animals wash themselves and when my dad eats I want to kill him as his jaw clicks and I can hear him chewing with his mouth closed. Raaahhh!

Im 15 years old and I think I have misophonia. It wasn't until about a year or two ago that I noticed something was wrong. The chomping of gum makes me so enraged to the point that im crying. I try to block out the sounds but it seems impossible. Its gotten so bad that I cant even look at the person whos chewing the gum without getting mad. I feel as if im a whole different person once I cant stand a noice someones making, like dragging your feet, sipping drinks, etc. I shut down and become I guess you could say depressed. Whenever i finally cant take it anymore and tell the person to stop, my mom always tells me to "loose the attitude", "stop trying to control everyone", or "nobodys gonna wanna live with you if you keep this up". its hard and i try to explain that im not doing it on purpose! After this i always feel pushed to the side like im not being taken serious when i say that i have a serious problem. My worst fear is that misophonia will progress to the point where i cant live a normal life, with a husband and a family. If anyone has any tips, please help me.

My misophonia started when I was 6. Im 12 now. My dad has misophonia, and somehow it was passed on to me. The sound that drives me crazy is mouth noises of any kind. What I have to do is I clench my teeth and lean the ear that is closest to the sound in my hand, so that it sorta blocks it out. It's hard to tell my friends because they don't understand, although I have told some of them. covering my ear blocks some of the sound, but if I'm listening to a teacher or someone important, it blocks out what they're saying too. I really am suffering and don't want to spend the rest of my life with this. Does anyone know how to get rid of it? I've looked at every misophonia site. Please help.

Oh my god I thought I was crazy! I can't stand when my family members sneeze or snore, and I get so mad when people chew loudly. It makes me mad and it is torture if the room is silent. :( I hate getting so mad over it, but I can't help it. I hate when people swallow loudly in between words too, most of my teachers do that. You know what, I think I may be going insane after all.

In my non-expert opinion you are perfectly normal. Your school counselor was pretty uneducated (to stay polite). Although, otherwise a great country; in US tolerance was pushed beyond limits of accepted common sense, On any other continents eating with open mouth and making sounds (including the ones hitting the spoon in the soup bowl) is a sign of lack of education, respect for fellow table companions and common sense. You guys need to stop listening to counselors or at least first do a quick assessment to determine that he/she is qualified to assess/advise you. I remember going to a martial shrink ...the visit was 1/2 minutes. The first question I asked was ...how many times have you been married ...his answer was three times... next... I left... Why? How could anyone that couldn't save his two prior marriages counsel me to save mine?... Anyways, making noise at the table is rude uneducated and people have different limits of tolerance to rudeness their tolerance is not always the same so stop worrying about this ...there is no such a thing like misophonia rather call it allergy to unmannered, ill-bred, trick-skinned people that should eat in their corner. Sorry if I came across aggressive which I am not, just really blunt.

I work with a woman who chews gum constantly. With her mouth open. Loudly. I swear you can hear the saliva sloshing around in her mouth and I want to scream at the top of my lungs, "For God's sake, can't anyone else hear that?" The only thing that keeps me remotely sane is chomping on my own piece of gum. Thankfully she works mostly from home.

Im not sure if i have it but sometimes i run out of the lunch room because my friends chew too loud even though people were screaming across the room. Im was not really close to them and once i yelled at my teacher for her nails were making noises against the board.

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I think I have that. Whenever I hear the sound of scraping on metal or scraping of any kind, even texta on paper, I cringe. and I have to cover my ears to Block it out. Do I have misophonia?

Yeah you might. For me it started out like that. Then noises people make started to make me cringe now I cover my ears or leave my classroom. You should try to see someone before it gets worse. I am dead serious because at the point I am at now, my family thinks I'm crazy. My parents threaten to take things away from me if I don't get over it. I suggest you see someone as soon as you can.

My roommate right now is eating, and his chewing and smacking his lips is driving me up the wall. Every time he makes a noise my hands and feet curl up in anger! I thought this was just a weird thing of mine, but i absolutely hate it when people chew with their mouths open, or i can hear them swallowing, or even just making loud smacking noises with their mouths is the most infuriating thing i have ever heard. It just makes me squirm in my seat... Im usually ok with people coughing and sneezing, as long as its not on me. But i have this friend who burps either in my face or right next to me, and just laughs and says sorry. I don't care if your sorry. Its gross.

I Just wanted to point out to readers WHEN I began experiencing issues with misophonia. I have the exact same symptoms many people on here are talking about, and I feel like I'm on a mission to figure out what exactly causes this issue. It started during my battle with anorexia. The anorexia began when I was twelve and ended at fourteen. I remember, when I began to hate chewing noises, (my very first trigger noise) I thought "I can't stand these chewing noises because I hate the idea of eating!" Over the years, more trigger noises have been added and they continue to pop up over time. But it all began with my hatred of eating due to fear of weight gain. Just something I wonder about because I'm dying for 1) The reason people develop this awful disorder and 2) A CURE!!

This makes me feel so much better! I sometimes feel like I'm going to have a cardiac episode when I hear certain sounds (like crunching loudly.) It is overwhelming. I'm glad I'm not alone!

I'm so incredibly relieved to hear that other people have the exact same problem as me. There are so many things that trigger me... my biggest ones, though, are definitely gum chewing (the sound of it is absolutely intolerable for me, and just seeing someone chew gum enrages me) and sniffling/nose whistling. Classrooms are the worst place for me. People click their pens, jiggle their legs (visual misophonia, I suppose), sniffle instead of just blowing their nose, and they drink from water bottles. I've started wearing an earplug in my right ear during classes, so that I can use my left hand to cover my left ear and still take notes with my right hand. Life at home, though, is much easier because my family is so accommodating (perks of being an only child, I suppose). They understand that I absolutely cannot stand gum chewing in any capacity. They even stop doing something that's annoying me when I ask them to. Going out in public and seeing the amount of people that chew gum like disgusting cows makes me appreciate them even more.

I thought I was crazy and a terrible person. I snap over the weirdest things. Like one of my friends was eating ice cream and my chest tighten so much every time she slurped it off the spoon. I was actually contemplating screaming at her. My brother and mom smack and chew so loudly even with their mouths closed. I have a hard time eating in the same room as them. My dogs lick themselves and I can't help but make them stop otherwise, I'd explode. It sucks. Sometimes I feel helpless.

Finding this is amazing... I've always felt like there was something wrong with me (as most of you said). People who don't experience this simply don't understand; it's not just finding it annoying etc... you actually want to scream or burst into tears and feel like you will go crazy if you can't get away from the noise. I'm pretty easy-going... but when I hear triggers like coughing, chewing, I feel like I won't be able to keep myself from screaming if I can't get away. It actually feels like it's hurting my ears and I physically flinch. <br />
<br />
The worst is that I adore my DH, but he is a very loud mouth breather, lip-smacking eater, and also has a chronic cough. I've tried to get him to go to a doctor for the cough but he says it's not a problem. I've tried to politely ask him if he realizes he's breathing loudly or chewing loudly, but he says he's trying to be quiet. I even asked my doctor to change my antidepressant because I thought maybe that would help, but it didn't. When I've gone to counseling, they say to do breathing exercises and mental activities like muscle relaxation techniques, but it's hard to do things like that while you're eating dinner with your family. I absolutely hate to think of hurting someone's feelings and I'm always worried about what people think or feel. <br />
<br />
Well I know anyone who's reading this is likely in the same boat and I'm not sure what we can do for it, but it has helped to see I'm not alone and not necessarily a selfish jerk of a person for feeling this way, and even helps to write it all out. Well, good luck to all you S4'ers... we should have t-shirts!

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Wow, I really thought it was me. This has in a lifelong issue for me. actually Became an ongoing joke with my family. Has caused issues in relationships, because I can't stand the sound of someone chewing, slurping or anything involved with eating. Got pretty good about not saying anything but deep down I really wanna scream.

Ive had this too, comments all feel like I've written them. I wonder, if its not just 'miso'phonia (hate)sound but like... sensitivity to emotionally react to a sound. I just wondered if anyone has heard of ASMR or does anyone experience it? If you don't know, it stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, and on YouTube there is a massive community of people who make videos containing 'relaxing sounds' and people who experience ASMR listen and get this head tingly kind of relaxation. These videos contain anything from whispering in the microphone to making tapping sounds on a wooden table.

I was totally shocked by the fact that I actually liked hearing the sounds of people talking, as I knew how anger-sensitive I was to things like that. Turns out there are all kinds of sounds that do all kinds of things :/

I am a big breathing sounds hater and I get way too pissed off with heavy breathers among other things, but I experience ASMR. Try YouTube it and listen to one of the videos, see if you feel insanely relaxed or get head tingles or whatever.

Just wondered if there was any similarities here with you guys because I've heard of people who listen to ASMR videos complaining about very specific sounds in the comments section, and I just thought omg that's so similar to the way I felt about that sound, for example, some people HATE chewing gum sounds (this is a massive hit in the ASMR community), some LOVE it. (I'm a hater lol)

Comment back, it'd be interesting to see what you think!

Wow I Found the non talking videos really relaxing, really annoyed by the sound of someone whispering. Thanks

I have had this since I was a teenager, I'm now 44. I feel the same rage and want to scream and cry and run out of room. It started with my Mum and I would leave the dinner table half way through meals to go to the toilet to hope she had finished by the time I cam back. I couldn't stand being around the dogs eating or licking themselves. I find some people don't bother me as much as others. I can't go out to the cinema because of people eating pop corn etc. I will go for a curry sometimes but usually try and go early as popodums make me want to go and hit the person eating.
I'm relieved to read I'm not the only person who suffers from this. But has anyone found a cure?

Gosh I thought I was the only person who was disgusted at the same things. Good to know I'm not alone in this hatred of gum chewing, chewing food loudly, slurping food, etc. Even looking at people chewing gets me insane.

Like some of you, I had no idea this even existed, let alone happens to other people. Glad to know I'm not the only one.

I sleep in a different bedroom than my husband. He hates it, but I'd rather sleep apart than try to smother the crap out of him while he's laying there peacefully snoring away. Any snoring drives me from sane to absolutely totally wacko with rage in 2 seconds flat.

People chewing gum openly, and eating with smacking, ugh... Just want to take the food and shove it down their throats.

The licking / chewing sounds dogs make when cleaning or scratching themselves (sometimes they 'chew' instead of digging with their paws). Dogs chewing on chew toys, hate it. When that happens, I either leave the room or use ear plugs or get on the dogs. If I get on them, they'll leave the room and continue licking somewhere else.

I have a question for you guys, especially regarding the dog licking. Even if I can't actually hear them, but I see them licking or if they're in the bed with me and digging, scratching, licking, etc. it drives me nuts. It's almost like I can hear it in my head.

Realistically, the TV could be turned up so high, it would be impossible to hear them, but it still irritates the crap out of me.

And for those of you who know someone who has this issue, please PLEASE by all means, IF something is happening that would normally bother me, but for whatever miraculous reason I don't hear it, DON'T make me aware of it. I don't want to know!! My husband will tell me, 'Oh, I'm surprised that's not bothering you.' Well guess what! It is now. Thanks babe!

Forgot to ask my question, anyway.. if you can't actually hear a specific sound that would normally bother you, yet you see it or know it's happening, does it bother you?

Wow, I thought I was the only one in the world like this. Reading your statements, mirrored my life, down to the part about sitting at the table crying, beacause the chewing sounds was making me insane.

I just watched a show on Dr. Phil about this and I can't believe there are others who suffer from this. I can't take the sound of lip smacking, sniffing, coughing, or the sound of a pencil on paper. My daughter was eating popcorn one kernel at a time today and I seriously wanted to choke her. The rage is horrible. Now that we have found each other what can we do about it. I really can't take it when I'm in a restaurant and kids are talking loudly, it makes me crazy. I wish there were support groups for us.

It's a relief to read all of your posts about this weird thing that plagues all of us. I mainly have these problems when it comes to my co-workers. People constantly tap their feet, cough and clear their throats, drum on their desks and whistle all day. I feel badly about it because it's just things they do everyday that they don't even notice, so I know I'm just being a pain in the ***, but I keep it inside my head, which drives me even more insane. It's like you can't tell them to stop because you will be the crazy one, and you know you're just being picky about every little noise. I do believe it's the repetition, though. 8+ hours a day and five days a week is too much for me sometimes, but I have to somehow learn to deal with it.

When you guys are talking about the loud chewing, to me that's mostly bad manners. Chewing like a cow is crossing the social line for me. Clearing your throat and whistling a little now and then is one thing, but slapping your mouth open and shut while you chew is the WORST. That's on them and I know I'd wind up telling them, "Okay, you HAVE to stop that." Blegh.

I can't stand it my dad is eating now and I had to go to my room because I was getting soooooo annoyed!

can someone help me? It makes me so angry when people chew, like before my sister was eating an Apple so loud I had to sit in another room,it mkes me wana cry, all when people bteathe ,make noises, or when my mum talks too loud and too much it feels like I'm going to cry it irritates me so much, and I get so impatient and anxious

It would be interesting to see if there is a relationship between attention deficit disorder (ADD) and misophonia. It would obviously be considered normal to be distracted by and have one's thoughts interrupted by a smashing cymbal inches from one's ear. It is obviously not accepted as normal to be distracted and having one's thoughts interrupted by someone whispering on the other side of the room. William Glasser wrote, Positive Addiction, and spoke of the benefits of running, sweeping, and meditating as they all monotonous/non-distracted states that allow your brain to spin free enhancing problem solving abilities. The converse is being repeatedly distracted so your brain cannot wander and problem-solve. Imaging trying to add a long column of numbers in your head while someone pops gum, kisses, or whispers. Sound like a familiar feeling?

Absolutely! I do some work as a sound technician and I was trying to work out a problem with a soundboard. Meanwhile the person I was helping was smacking gum the entire time. It took me about 15 minuets to solve a 2 minuet issue.

My wife pointed out that I have misophonia. She knows my triggers, but the problem is she doesn't care and tells me to figure out a way to deal with it ... not exactly encouraging. I have all the usual triggers (gum chewing, random breathing sounds, rubbing of fingers, biting fingers) but I feel like I have super triggers (all of which my wife does): chewing ice, scraping a fork on a plate to get food then scraping it on her teeth when eating, tickling our kids off and on for 30+ minutes at a time, and the worst one, putting salt on a plate, then taking raw vegetables and rubbing it on the plate to get the salt.
I know having misophonia is difficult on her, but at the same time, she is not cutting me any slack.

Same thing with me!! My ex made me crazy when we would eat together. If he chewed chicken breast meat, to me it sounded like he was chewing the bones. His breathing made me insane! It got to the point that I couldn't stand him and the thought of having to eat with him made me sick. It got to the point where I hated him and he repulsed me because of his chewing and breathing. It ended our 25 yr on and off relationship. It wasn't until we lived together and had a child that I realized his sounds repulsed me. It broke up our family!! All these years I thought I was just nitpicking him and being overly critical..10 yrs later I see this thread. So I'm not crazy after all. Wish I had heard of this earlier, it may have kept our family together.

It boils down to repetition ...

OMG, thank you...there is a name for it. Even at a birthday dinner, my ex and her children and entire family would chew as if they were cows and I actually had enough and got up from the table, removed my plate and went upstairs to eat in piece. Not many sounds annoy me. Chewing with your mouth open actually drives a me to grab a baseball bat.

I hate when my brother breaths. And the disgusting little ***** eats with his mouth closed. I ask him nicely but he keeps doing it. When the "thing" sighs it ****** me off so much I feel murderous rage. I want to get over it but I can't find a way how.

I get so angry when my mom chews gum. I'm really annoyed by the sound. And, she chews gum ALL THE TIME!!

Same!!! It is so nice to know I'm not alone.

Gum is defiantly the worst for me but is followed very very closely by slurping and gulping.

I have learnt to control my response but it enrages me! I imagion shoving the teacup down their throat!

I thought I was the only one in the world with this condition. I suffer everyday. I literally have to cover my ears when people gulp drinks and chew food. I cant even eat with my child at the table because I don't want him to become like me.

What about hypnosis to help ignore those sounds? I think I may have to try that because it isn't the fault of anyone else because they like to eat. I hope it helps because I would like to be normal for once. like to

I hate a lot of things. I hate when my dog licks himself, when people chew food/gum, when people cough, sniffle, sneeze, when my mom drags her slippers against the floor, when people sing under their breath, kissing, and the visual of people fidgeting. My friend chews gum and sings all the time! She thinks I'm rude cuz I tell her to stop all the time but she drives me nuts. If someone sneezes or coughs a lot I literally don't like them as a person. I have wanted to kill so many people it's insane.

I second all of these feelings too! I just left the kitchen because my mother has learned to smack her lips in her older age and I can't stand it! I just get so enraged.

After reading a lot of these responses, I wonder if it has anything to do with general bad manners. I've noticed that when I sit at dinner with people with decent table manners I am not as enraged.

Eating manners (chewing gum, snacking etc.) are kind of lacking in society right now. People stopped teaching their children how to eat like a human being. My nephews sometimes come over for dinner and I can't be there. I've actually avoided family gatherings because no one is teaching them good manners. So they chew with their mouth open, burp, etc. It's gross.

I'm just throwing this out there, because once I was at a restaurant and a guy was stuffing his mouth to the point he could barely chew. That pissed me off too. I couldn't hear him...but just the way he was behaving was unacceptable in a public setting.

But yeah, I can't be around dogs eating either, and I love dogs :0(

I feel you; I feel like most of my triggers come from people simply being rude and not being respectable. I mean, my wife and I were on a cruise with my family; we paid extra to eat one night in a fancy steak restaurant, and she started chewing ice from her ice water! I actually feel like part of misophonia is the higher intellect of this world having an automatic response to things that people in society should not do!

Oh my gosh, I'm not alone. I just left the other room because the sound of my son eating his popcorn while I was washing dishes was angering me. I had already asked him several times to eat quietly and was afraid that I was about to scream at him. I have been disgusted by the sound of people eating for as long as I can remember. 20 years ago, I was hospitalized for anorexia and was told by doctors that the noisesbothered me so much because I was hungry and secretly resented people who are eating. Sounded good at the time. I have been healthy since and eat at least three square meals a day, yet the sound of people eating still makes my blood boil. Now the explanation doesn't fit. Other noises that bother me are the sound of my dog licking herself clean and people kissing ( not pecks, but wet sloppy kissing - I cover my ears in movies during romantic parts so I don't have to hear the disturbing sound) I am tensing up and clenching my teeth just thinking about it now. What really bothers me most is when I get so angry at the people I love (like my son) . I wish I culd control it. Nobody that I know seems to understand

I can't stand people that eat popcorn one popcorn at a time.

Holy cow! An actual phobia. I am so offended by my DH chewing/crunching I leave the room or try to find a way to make noise to drown it out. Oh, and lucky me, he just bought a whole back of Tootsie Pops. Hell on earth! I took a shower just to get away from that.

I have the same problem...the sounds certain people make eating sends me over the edge! Particularily my husband unfortunately is one of them. If he eats potato chips next to me on the couch I feel like I'm going to scream with rage..he cruches them loudly with his mouth open..smacks his lips, and when he's finally done eating, makes all these 'sucking' sounds to get the crumbs out from between his teeth! I usually have to get up and leave without telling him what's bothering me. I can't tell him..he'll think I'm nuts! A girl at work who used to be in the cubicle next to me would eat carrot sticks and I'd have to put my iPod in to drown it out because I would focus so much on the gross sound of her chewing and crunching! I actually feel myself becoming agitated.

I believe that the reason chewing sounds create a rage reaction, and a flight response, is because the disorder is neurological. In other words, in late childhood, there is a developmental change in the brain. The brain begins to incorrectly assess certain signals. I believe that the brain begins to evaluate chewing sounds as danger!, and more importantly, as Pain! Not the sensation of pain, but the deep unpleasantness of pain. you can read more about it on www.sound-rage.com

That actually sounds really accurate. When I was about 10, a little before I was diagnosed with this problem, I met my Step Dad. He was absolutely rude to me, my siblings, and mother. And his kids had caused nothing but pain between our family. Also, he chewed extremely loud, and that was the first thing I noticed about him. Ever since then, I've associated the sound of chewing with anger and depression.

Me too, nobody else in my family has it it makes me depressed and angry and sad and then I have too leave and eat alone and everyone teases me about it!

I agree 100%. Try listening to hacks, and chewing on a south Florida transit bus in 91 degree weather. Enraged doesn't justify the hatred. Yea buddy, take a taste of my life....

I've always had super sensitive hearing. I absolutely can't stand chewing, my Dad was eating crunchy nut cereal this morning and I could hear him from the other side of the room, disgusting! Also my brothers make the most sickening noise when they suck on cookies or when they gulp their drink. Back when I used to share a room with my sister she used to snore constantly insanely loud, I used to throw stuff at her so she'd wake up and I could sleep HaHa. I prefer the TV on 6-8 volume and can't stand it higher than 10 which is really loud but everyone else feels like they almost have to lip read lol. My mum's breathing is so horrific that even my brother who has no sound problems hates the noises too, she's a smoker and has really heavy breathing and its soooo loud. Nowadays headphones are almost glued to my head whilst at home lmao.

Sorry about the rant, just happy I know I'm not the only one :D

I hate the sound of chewing so much it makes me cry at the dinner table. I get so angry because my dad has no manners at all and burps, slurps and chews loudly the whole way through the meal. I usually dont eat as I can't face listening to it. Urgh its so frustrating. I am 15 years btw and this only started happening to me when I was about 9 years. I wish there was something I could do about it

A new book is being released this summer called Sound-Rage. A primer on the neurobiology and psychology of a little known anger disorder. It is all about misophonia, a lot of it is technical, but it explains almost everything from a scientific, neurological standpoint. the website is www.sound-rage.com

I read this while listening to music with noise cancelling earplugs so I would not hear my wife chewing M&Ms in the next room. It tortures me that I make her feel bad when it is obviously within my head. It is incredibly unfair to her and to my daughter who just wants to relax and eat potato chips after a long day working, but has to check to see how annoyed I appear.

The only thing science can do is locate the region of the brain responsible, the neurotransmitter involved, and develop a medication to alter the production of the brain chemical or produce a procedure to impact that area of the brain. Seems like using a nuclear weapon to kill an ant, but it would be worth it.

Something is only a disorder when it interferes with the ability to function. If excessive running leads to excessive weight-loss and injuries, it is a disorder. If excessive running leads to a spot on the Olympic team, it is a success trait.

This over-attention to noise could save your life if you were being stalked by a gum chewing bear, but only if it causes you to run. It would obviously get you killed if you chose to confront the ill-mannered bear.

I need to avoid noise so much that I isolate myself while writing my reports on my computer--either in a closed room or with music. The result is that I have spent so much time on my work that my expertise has skyrocketed and I am sought out as an expert in my field.

According to Darwin, evolution occurs through selection of the fittest. For evolution to have enough traits to choose from, people have to be born with variations in everything including sensitivity/annoyance to sound. The sensitivity obviously varies from being deaf to becoming enraged at that stupid/insensitive Kit Kat commercial. We all fit somewhere on the continuum. Unfortunately, those of us who read this with tears in our eyes are on the high side of this scale.

My current greatest fear is that my wife will read this and think it is just excuses and a selfish lack of self-control. It is frustrating not being able to explain how much this interferes with my being able to express how much I care for her. It is not her fault, but it is not mine either. It doesn't make sense that I would want to spend so much time hiding my anger with other people's normal sound making. I would be willing to risk brain surgery to get rid of this. I try so hard to ignore the sounds, but I can't.

It seems that the current best answer is recognition, not blaming the open-mouth chewers, and creative coping mechanisms. Also worth investigating is progressive desensitization and the book--Feeling Good, but David Burns, M.D.

My wife has a sewing room downstairs in our basement but she always does her sewing and crafts in the living room; it drives me crazy. When I'm watching TV, I don't use the laptop or prepare food in the living room; she however uses glue and uses scissors to cut stuff and the noise with the TV is annoying. The other day she was using a circle cutter that sounded like an industry size paper cutter; I heard it all the way from the bedroom, woke me up, and drove me crazy!!!

I agree with you about levels of intelligence on the spectrum. I believe that people with misophonia can process information quickly and have conversations quicker and more meaningful than some that don't, and that's part of the annoyance with people; they take forever to get to their point, much like the noises they make are interfering with whatever their ultimate goal is that their trying to achieve.
Lastly, I can't stand people that waste my time. Say what you need to say and move on with it.

I'm like that when my dogs chew themselves. Even if they're being really quiet, I can't stand it. My parents always get mad at me for getting after the dogs for chewing themselves. I can't help that the sound makes me cringe.

Me, too. My poor, sweet dog

Oh my gosh... There are others! The only way I can even stand going to family dinner or any meal is to have earplugs in. It was too rude and noticeable to listen to music, and my family would get really upset when I did this. But it enrages me to a point that is embarrassing. There were several days that I didn't go to class because the guy next to me chewed his gum ridiculously loud. I don't know what's worse, gum-chewing or blowing gum bubbles. Earplugs are the way to go, and if the person doesn't chew that loud, you can always put an earplug in one ear, and not both. It's easier to hear conversation that way.

Hey... When I was 8, or maybe 9, I began to notice how incredibly aware I was of the sound of smacking lips- arghh that effing noise! I too, literally HATED the sound of chewing. My sister used to chew like a cow. I know that sounds mean but she was grazing, straight up, haha with the rolling jaw and everything.
I'm 26 now, and the other day we were chatting and she told me she saw a YouTube video that was "diagnosing" or "labeling" this 'ultimate pet peeve' that I, and apparently others, have.
Anyways- in response to my sister telling me this I decided to see what I could find ...Your "experience project" is the top search result that Google has listed when the keywords "hate the sound of chewing" is entered.
Glad about that too because I totally flipped at your description! This moment...right now, is the first time I've ever discovered another person who could describe this "affliction" in such a remarkably similar way. (ie: overwhelmed by certain sounds, to the point of tears!)
The thing is though-the way you ended it I kinda feel like you blame people. Idk if that's really how you feel but probably best not to do that. Haha
Oh, and I'm sure you've discovered already but --> headphones = key deterrent ;) ha!
Keep on keeping on.

I was so glad to learn there was a name for this. My adult son has the same thing. He and I can not be at the table during a holiday with the family. Any chance this could be hereditary? And people stop scraping the bowl and yougurt containers when there is nothing left then licking the utinsel ....just stop and why must a dry papertowel be used on a dry counter? Horrific

I had to ask my brother to shut up just because he was making those disgusting sounds.

oh noooooooooooooooo. its my first time to know that someone share me the same issue, right now my boss was having his lunch and i felt like kick him in the jaw.....is there any way i get rid of this?

Misophonia literally is tearing my life apart. I LOVE my family, but because of misophonia I can't interact with my dad as much and he thinks I'm neglecting him because I just don't like him.. I try pretty hard to spend time with him but it's come to the point where basically everything he does drives me absolutely insane. His breathing, when he clears his throat, when he sniffs, when he SWALLOWS, drinks, exhales loudly, chews, and even smaller things... A few nights ago I was watching a movie and it was a really quiet scene, and my dad came into the room with a cup of tea and slurped on it three times really loudly and exhaled really loudly right next to me during that quiet scene. I honestly wanted to scream, or claw at myself, or rip something into shreds. I spent the next hour crying and digging my nails into my skin in the shower. Thinking about the sound of his super loud slurps and exhales right now literally pains my chest.

I am not the only one?!?!?!

In tears, because I have spent my whole life thinking I was alone and crazy. I cannot deal with chewing, YES, especially gum, ugh! Audible yawning makes me insanely ragey.
Hiccups, too. I rationally know people cannot help when they get them, but I seriously cannot be around my husband when he has them.

Of course, office will not allow people to wear perfume or used scented soap because scent is offensive, but sound is normal and I am the one with the problem. At least, now, I know I am not the only one. Too bad there is no cure, of course.

If I can not tolerate the sound frequency/pitch/tone of people talking is that a sign of misophonia? I also can not stand the sound of eating/chewing. the sound of bodily functions like Urinating make feel sick

Oh my God, I feel the same way! I CANNOT stand the sound of people chewing with their mouths open and smacking their lips when they eat. I want to stab them with my fork! I can hardly stand eating with my mom or grandpa because they're both lip smackers. Gum chewers are the worse. Hello! We're not cows at pasture! Chew with your mouths closed and be polite towards everyone else!

Me and my mom are the same way, but i feel like more sounds annoy me. I share a room with my younger sister, and she breathes really heavy, it annoys me so much that i have to listen to music to fall asleep. And tapping and other little things that shouldn't annoy me do. But chewing is the worst sound ever, even if they have their mouth closed, i just can't. And I'm 14.. :)

Music is a good idea... with chewing you can ask family at least to pipe down. (Doesn't mean they will) ..But with your sister breathing, idk, I'd think it's safe to say there's not a whole lot you can do about that. Haha. Do your best to tolerate it and at least you got your mom to understand.

I cannot stand the sound of people eating but it is especially intensified if I can hear their teeth come together. Also cannot stand listening to anything crunchy or the sound of people coughing. I also cannot tolerate any repetitive noise, particularly crinkly sounding things. As I have gotten older I can control my urge to kill better than I used to. My husband thinks it's dumb, my kids know it's real (they are mildly affected with the same thing), my biological father suffered from it as well. I remember him getting very angry and he would even get up and leave during meals. If we got caught chewing our lollipops, he would take them and throw them away.

Hello. HELLO! I am one person who can totally understand you! Since I was a child I have always ALWAYS hated chewing sounds, my sister would chew with her mouth open on purpose to make me mad! I would haul off and hit her and get in trouble--I even remember hitting her in her sleep b/c she would make mouth noises in her sleep--and that obviously wasn't her fault b/c she was sleeping! But it would wake me up from my sleep, and the sound would (and still does) make me super duper angry. I also don't like kissing sounds, and people who over enunciate their words. I can't live without my earplugs...they are always in my pocket. I have to wear them to sleep, and any time Im around people eating--I LITERALLY feel like violent and nauseous if I have to hear someone chewing!!

I have this. But honestly I'm just wondering how people "without" this issue can stand those disgusting open mouth chewing, closed mouth crunching, lip smacking, finger sucking sounds. Ugh! I just want to slap the person and tell them to "STFU..!" or better yet, find the real Universal Remote and just put 'em on 'Mute'. Also the 'click click click' of heels echo clacking on hard floors is pretty annoying.. I can hear you miles away woman! Lol sigh..(:

Totally agree! My blood boils when people chew or slurp. I even can't stand the sound of water in the bottle when someone is drinking. I could actually punch someone in the face. Glad to know it's not me.

I'm exactly the same here. The chewing is the worst, but the sound of snoring, breathing, and bird squawking makes me want to cry and triggers anxiety. It's actually starting to effect my grades because there is always someone chomping away behind me so I discreetly cover my ear for the lecture and sometimes miss what the teacher is saying. I was thinking maybe a hypnotherapist?

Yes, I was in class one day about the vomit as some idiot sat behind me chewing gum....it should not be allowed in class
what nonsense...let me tell you a trick though, if you can get some music in your ears, or plug your ears somehow, then a nice recorder will catch everything your teacher says so you wont have to miss anything, I got a good one for like 23 bucks!

I almost lost it in class when someone was rolling hard candy against their teeth. As if that weren't bad enough it was accompanied the slurping and sucking as well. It was like hearing a fork scrape against a plate. Unfortunate for me I have professors that don't allow recording so the iTunes trick is moot. I wish I could desensitize but I just can't seem to get over it

I feel a little better knowing there are people like me, but I am saddened that there doesn't seem that there is anything that helps. I feel like my "annoying noises" list is getting longer. Recently it seems that my otherwise wonderful husband just exists to produce sounds that bug me. He sniffs and snorts (get a tissue or take some medicine!) and coughs one loud cough very often (what is up with that?!?), the sound of ice cubes in a glass, the phlegmy voice, and just like everyone else...the chewing! So disheartened that there isn't anything to help. I am afraid this will get worse. No one knows how nuts I am....yet....

Maggie, get some earrplugs. My family knows by now, if I take off quick, my earrplugs must not be in my pocket lol. My husband makes the WORSE swallowing sounds when drinking, and so does my son!

Yes yes yes! I tell people I hate gum and they laugh lol most people are in disbelief. I just don't understand how people who chew like that can even stand theirselves? I feel like everyone should have to take etiquette class! Most of the time like you I can ignore noises or tune them out but chewing like you never fails. I've realized that sometimes it upsets me more. I haven't really figured out a trend but I really should record the times I do notice it and see what is in common with them.

AMEN!!! I cannot even go into Walmart and hear people drag their feet, flip flops flipping, but chewing really boils my blood. Where are the manners? I have been given so many pills, they only take the edge off, but I most often cannot go to the store unless it is in the middle of the night so there are not as many people. If I go into a food establishment, it has to play loud music so that I can do my best to drown out the noises of forks on teeth, watching the food churn in their mouths. I told my mom once I wish I could sew everyones mouth shut. I havent even had a Thanksgiving dinner with my family due to mouth noises. It ruins my life, but I do not know any other thing to try. Glad to know I too am not the only one in the world...still wish I didnt have the attention to noise I have.

so glad to know I am not the only person with this disorder...I hate it when people eat chips, especially when they feel the need to "shove" a hundred of them in their mouth at one time, then slurp and crunch them, I could throw something. I makes me so mad, I have to leave the room. I thought I was the only one. I don't feel so alone any more, but...still hate it.

Don't forget the hideous noise of the crackling bag every time the put there hand in the bag I just wanna scream SHOVE THEM ALL IN YOUR DAMN MOUTH AND BE FINISHED ALREADY! Haha I almost have to laugh at myself or else I will cry! Everyone should just eat soft foods!

I absolutely cannot stand the sound of people biting metal cutlery. Even just thinking about it makes me feel so aggravated. I find it really hard to sit down and eat with people. I don't even like to hear myself eat, I have to have music on in the background. I would NEVER go out on a date with someone to a restaurant because I would be SO uncomfortable. And because I feel that way about other people eating, I always assume that they feel the same way and don't want to eat around them. I always have to remind myself that other people don't actually mind. I thought this was something I was just weird about... good to know it's an actual thing! I also hate the sound of swallowing (even myself), gum chewing, nail biting, specific words (typically any with harsh B or P sounds), any kind of loud noises or sirens (the absolute WORST is the kind of emergency sirens often heard in WWII documentaries, the air raid warning ones?) and commercials with alarm clocks going off in them.

The trick is to go to a loud restaurant with TVs or something to distract you. Try and keep your mind on other things. I've realized early in on my relationships I usually don't have that big of a problem and I think that is because I'm focusing on lots of different keys to get to know them, it distracts your mind. It's later on when there isn't much to talk about or you know them too well you can almost anticipate each move. Or because you simply aren't interested in them whatsoever! I chose my fiancé because he was such a polite eater. It still bothers me at times but it's a great stress relief that I don't have to nag on his etiquette. There's nothing worse than getting stuck in a relationship with a slob of an eater. It creates way too many fights and too much stress on the relationship!

I hate a lot of sounds. In part cause my depression issues made me more intorelable to noises and i need to rest more than i used to. Besides i need silence to sleep and concentrate i my studies and work. My country (portugal) is a "noisy" country, there is a lot of uneducated blokes who talk very loud around the cafes, specially in footbal game days, they are rude and very noisy, i hate them, and the police does NOTHING if its during the day! Loud noises, loud voices, and when the noises come suddenly its like a "alarm" it triggers my nerves. I also hate chewing noises, bubble gum "pops", cars with loud "beat" music, high hells sounds on the floor (i dont wear them), and others.

I thought I was crazy for getting mad when I could hear people chewing or breathing. I get so angry and want to yell at them to shut up. Glad I'm not the only one... makes me feel like less of a freak. :)

Does anyone know of a cure for 4S , Hyperacusis and or Misophonia? I have tried tons of medications, natural health supplements etc and NOTHING helps. My hearing sensitivity is so bad now that I can't watch TV because the background noises that the everyday person doesn't notice drive me insane. Here are some of my sensitivity's.... gum chewing, typing ( I wear ear plugs and type soft) Cash Registers (especially the grocery store) I wear a I pod and crank it and I still hear that BEEP BEEP BEEP... Car bl<x>inkers, sss sounds from some Girl speakers, People Clapping, Snoring, Dog Snoring, Dogs barking, Heavy Machinery backing up ...BEEP BEEP BEEP. My list goes on and on and yes I even went to shrink, hypnotist etc and I have prayed so hard my knees are sore.. The best desc<x>ription I can give you is that the background noises are not background noises they are up front and magnified and I would compare the feeling I get to you is the same as if someone were dragging their fingernails down a chalkboard.. IT DRIVES ME ABSOLUTELY INSANE<br />
I'm thinking now about going to Brazil and seeing John of God and maybe he can cure me? please e-mail if you know of any cures?

Hi. I don't have misophonia but I am married to someone who does. He is a 42 year old health club owner that is friends with most everyone in our small town. I never communicate with people via the internet but I felt led to tell you I will pray for you and I would like to know if John of God helps. We are people of faith and although I've never seen a healer, I know that biblically speaking, they do exist. I am on a mini-vacation with our little boy on a island far from my sweet husband of 12 years because his condition is worsening and we both just needed the break. He is trying but frustrated and seems to be angry all the time. We are looking at a hearing center in Canada that sounded promising and have the passports ready. I will also let you know if we find help. Meanwhile, do something nice for yourself and don't give up. Jesus might be right around the next corner.

The kit kat commercial or any commercial when they crunch loudly to prove crispness make me crazy. Although my experience is not as intense as some of yours. I feel for you.

This is a terrible condition to live with for anyone, for me I use earplugs when possible and it helps a lot. I lean on GOD and am constantly praying when I can because when I get hit with a sound like someone sniffling or blowing their nose, I get severe pain in my chest so I can't pray or talk for awhile sometimes half a day sometimes it's alot less. So I've learned to pray hard and I mean hard especially before I leave the house. I use to get super annoyed hearing the noise of cars honking and gunshots but without pain in my chest but now I'm fine in that area so I believe theres room for improvment for me and everyone.

I really get annoyed, almost wanting to punch people when I hear these sounds. But obviously I can't. I just glare, get mad, huff and puff or tell people to knock it off. Which people I mean family. I can't tell strangers to cut it out. I usually have to leave the environment. I feel like I'm wasting my life by constantly avoiding things, gatherings, etc. I wish their was a cure for this. I wish their was a pill to cure it. Cuz I would take a pill everyday to enjoy my life again....<br />
Sincerely, Unhappy

I saw a news report on 20/20 about Misophonia. I felt relieved because I thought I was going insane. I feel like I'm crazy in the head sometimes because of this "disorder". I hate pen clicking, people rattling bags, chewing gum,SNORING(that's the major one), people eating ice, slurping, popping gum, certain peoples voices example: Fran Dreshers voice, whistling, nose whistle,breathing Heavy out of the mouth, people moving their legs when sitting, foot tapping. I could go on and on. I'm married to a great man, but I have to sleep on the couch all most every night because of his snoring. I cry myself to sleep sometimes because I just can't take it anymore. I hate going camping because my daughter & husband snore so bad, I can't handle sleeping in the same tent or camper as them. I avoid situations that will make me lose it. I wish I wasn't like this. I would give anything to be able to stand these sounds and live a happy life.

A good set of earplugs can help cut down the annoying noises enough so the anger doesn't build up so much that you want to slap someone. I know they're a little embarrasing to wear but I'll take the embarrasment over anger everyday. You may need to explain to your teachers why you are wearing earplugs-surely they will understand. Could be they have misophonia also. I think you'd be surprised at the number of people that share this malady. Hang in there and try not to becone antisocial.

Is there any way to deal with this problem when you are a teenager in high school? There really is no special treatment for kids who have this and I get extremely angry at classroom noises- especially other kids' chewing! Any solutions?

I am sorry you have to deal with this and be in school. I had a rough time through school as well. Chewing was terrible, as were any teacher's "S" sounds that were whistley. Misophonia didn't have a name while I was in school, sadly, so I just thought I was crazy and had to find a way to cope. I did this by wearing earplugs hidden behind my hair (in just enough so I can hear the teacher still, but could cover the sounds I didn't like) and in later high school when my schedule was more lenient, I would speak with the teacher of those problem classes about my love of art (I'm an artist for a living now) and he/she would usually let me leave for the quiet art room to "create" for that period. Of course I had to work extra hard to keep up in that class I missed and to the lessons on my own time, or in other classes, but it was oh so worth it to not deal with problem noises during those periods. Also, free of dealing with noise in my learning environment, I ended up with almost all A's and B's and a 3.9 GPA and an honors diploma.

But now that Misophonia has a name and is "real", I would sincerely speak with your counselor and teachers and work with them to find a solution for you. Often there were only a few classes that caused problems for me, so finding a solution for those classes may be helpful. If chewing is a problem, maybe your teacher should be extra vigilant on gum and snacks (which, they shouldn't be in a classroom anyway!). Maybe you could be allowed to sit in the back of class where any efforts to shield from noise would be mostly unnoticed. Maybe you could be able to signal the teacher when you need to leave the class if the noises don't subside. The anxiety from Misophonia is very real and you should have an exit strategy for yourself. Possibly you could go to the library during problem classes and do that subject online instead. Your teachers should all be concerned about anything that doesn't allow you to learn, as should your parents. In my experience, some people (even counselors, doctors, parents) may not have heard of our problem, and may try to dismiss it, but stand strong, show them the proof and if all else fails, do your own footwork to make your high school experience as comfortable as possible.

Anyway, I completely understand how difficult it is, and extremely unfair, but you will make it as long as you're kind to yourself (don't let the anxiety and bad feelings from Misophonia make you beat yourself up on the inside) and try hard to work around this issue to complete your schooling. You'll be a happier adult with a completed high school degree, or college degree, don't let Misophonia rob you of any of that.

:) *hugs*

Wow, did you get any help? Or do you just deal with it? I have the same situation. I literally have to imagine me punching someone in the back of the head in order to keep somewhat sane. Classrooms are awful as well..Popping gum, whispering, toe tapping...pencil tapping...I just get enraged.

I am so sorry you have to deal with this in school :( I replied to the person above with my advice for dealing with this in school. Basically, it will be difficult, but with work and communication with your teacher/parents you can make it work and have a pretty happy High School experience. Hugs to you :)

I think I must have misophonia - I really, really, really HATE the sound of people eating, and particularly of people talking with their mouths full. Also hate the sound of doors opening and shutting continually, and all artificial sound, like radios and TV.

OMG the doors opening and shutting all the time...not only enrages me but gives me anxiety

It's actually great to know that there are others that have the same issuee... anyone have any pointers on how to fix this issue or dealing with in DILBERT Land... I think I'm going crazy listening to others eat in the cubes next to me... ARGGGGG!

Yeah, I'm exactly the same, except for the cash register.

I have the same problem. Didn't knwo it was called misophonia.

Im a muscian and i cant stand the sound of flat notes like on especially E flat :| drives me nutty , i cant eat near people i want to vomit and trow things and cry and scream ... any noise that comes out of someones mouth from eating or finishing eating makes me want to die i cant look at people while they are eating i cant be looked at whilst eating , or talk about how yummy something is and saying MMMMMMM while eating , licking lips and the face of people enjoying food kills me.... masterchef made me cry :( i hate it is there a cure for misophonia??

I haven't been able to eat in the same room as my boyfriend or family in years! The sound of someone shuffling their feet, eating, chewing/popping gum, crunching chips/popcorn, and the list goes on and on, annoys me to the point I am am physically exhausted from the anxiety and stress. I have to lock myself in a quiet room where I often cry because I am so frustrated by the sounds!

I know what you feel, but the sound that i hate the most are barking dogs and airplanes.<br />
I cannot stand it... why do airplanes have to make so much sound and for so long.. its penetrating into my ears and i keep on hearing it till its totally gone.. i also hate barking dogs.. in the neighborhood we have one annoying little dog.. and they always put that fella outside so it can bark outside.. but its annoying as hell.. The thing what i do when we have to eat i always take my dinner to a other place.. i hate it when people can't eat their meal properly