Always Been This Way.

I'm hyper-sensitive to spit sounds when people are talking and sounds people make when they're eating. I'm not a foul mouthed person, but when I hear people making spit chew sounds, a very long string of profanity usually comes out, and I can't hide the boiling rage on my face. I try to hold it in, hold my breath, but I feel explosive. TV is usually a solution to this, until there is some stupid person on tv doing the same thing, kids seem to be the worst, on tv especially. Disgusting little worms, there was this Vlasic commercial where a little girl would bite a pickle. I can't tell you how many times I almost broke the sound barrier with my yelling. Then there was this horrible cheerios commercial that looked like it was filmed with a cellphone, and it was all unbearable silence, and then cereal eating. I feel violent rage when I hear anything like that. I wanted the worst possible scenarios to happen to the creators of these commercials. I guess headphones will always be my friend until I start noticing the spit noises that singers make sometimes. Instrumentals it is then.
captaincube captaincube
26-30, F
Aug 5, 2012