I cannot stand chewing noises. 

It started when I was very young- maybe six years old.  My family thought I was just being silly or picky.  My mom bought me earplugs to wear at the dinner table.  Now my family never eats dinner together, and I dread eating near others.

Many don't understand.  They think, "Oh, well I hate chewing noises, too, but I don't make a huge deal out of it." 

It isn't like that.  It gets so horrible.  I will be in my room and just hear the noise of silverware clinking against a plate and get really angry.  So angry I will think about how STUPID this family member is, clanking their fork like a retard, just to annoy me.  I find it hard to concentrate at the movie theater, too.  If someone is slurping or chewing or crinkling their wrapper, I won't be able to concentrate on the movie.  It will ruin the whole experience.  If I'm stuck near someone chewing loudly, I have to block them from veiw and hold my ear so I don't see or hear them.  In class, If someone lifts their water bottle, I have to block my ear and turn because I know they will make a gulping noise.  And if I hear gulping or chewing or loud breathing directly, I get this feeling like I need to rub my ear afterwards.

Sometimes it's so frustrating, I just want to cry.  I showed my Mom the website for 4s (soundsensitive.org) and she laughed and said "You're not that bad."  Since when has she been inside my head?

I've been told it could be related to OCD.  I was in treatment for anorexia, and for the first time I met a girl who felt the same about these noises, and she had OCD.  I have a few OCD-like issues (the eating disorder, not stepping on cracks, having to have things arranged in "symmetry") but have never been diagnosed. There is a history of it in my family, though.

Whatever the case, I wish it would go away.  I hate asking people to chew quietly.  I hate having to avoid situations where these noises are involved. 

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7 Responses Aug 28, 2008

It is called Misophonia...it is a neurological disorder. Chewing, slurping, yawning....all gives me shivers

I will try not to slurp my soup!

I am seriously crying with relief right now. I have struggled with mouth noises since childhood. I am now 30 years old, and am finally finding a connection to OCD. My family always acted like I was just a jerk, but I convinced my parents to buy headphones for me to wear at the dinner table. I still can't handle having people eat around me, and I have to turn up the tv, or turn on a radio. Writing about it now is making me feel panicked. My mother still teases me, and I fear she may never understand. I have constant anxiety about getting trapped in situations with someone who is chewing gum. Inside I become furious, and hate myself for "being mean" when I have to remind people to chew quietly.

I am the exact same. Chewing sounds make me go crazy inside. Some people think I'm just trying to be controlling, but I am in serious emotional torment from these sounds and I mean TORMENT. It started in my childhood (family-issues) and its much better now then it was 20 years ago but sometimes I encounter smackers and I just cant handle it. In public, if someone is chewing real loud, I have to get up and move, sometimes several times. I hate being this way. I have used prayer to ask God to deliver me from this and that has helped drastically, but still, every now and then....

im so sorry and feel your pain. mine is bad too. Just thinking about somebody making those awful noises makes me wanna pull my hair out of my head, or make me feel sick. it's hard to explain the feeling but i cant help myself and its getting worse and worse everyday. Just yesterday i was talking to my parents about my problem and other problems i have (everything needing to be perfect, scared of getting sick or hurt ect.) and my mom told me i might have OCD. That night i looked up symptoms of OCD and noticed that I had almost all of them. I told my friends yesterday because i thought it would make me feel better, but they don't understand at all and started making the noises just to freak me out. i know they don't mean to make me feel bad, but it just feels like they want me to feel that way and don't care): do you think i should go see a doctor?? help:/

I was surprised too when discovered 4S, I thought I was insane. I've never met anybody who could understand that it is really a problem for me. Thanks God for the Internet! <br />
Oh, and I sometimes act like I had OCD but it's coming and going.

Oh my goodness. I can't believe there are others out there with this problem. I thought I was the only one. I'm avoiding social events because I can't stand to hear it...especially gum smacking and popping. Ice chewing is just as bad. I feel the same way.....I can't watch it either. I get angry and feel like I am going to scream. I need help!