I Actually Get Angry!!

I really thought I was the only one!  But I hate when people do all of the noises that you have all mentioned!!  It also bugs me when they put a forkful (or spoonful) of food in their mouths and the metals clanks on their teeth!  UGH!  Hard candy clanking is the same horribleness!  Slurping, crunching, even swallowing loudly is so annoying!    I wish I could stop feeling this way!  I just read in All You magazine that there are cognitive-behavioral therapists that use a treatment called Flooding  to help you to start to ignore those sounds.  So, skirting these situations is not recommended because it will only reinforce avoidance as an acceptable way to cope.  Has anyone ever been able to do this on their own??? 

ayakeela ayakeela
Jul 13, 2009