Never Eat It

Ever since I was little, I have hated eating chicken.  I'm not sure why the taste of it grosses me out but it always has.  There have been many times that I wished I liked it because chicken is on every menu. 
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4 Responses Jul 30, 2007

i thought i was the only one that disliked chicken..

I typed in people who hate chicken in my browser and came up with this site. I think it's the unique taste of chicken fat that I especially dislike. I could down the chicken breast but that's about it. I wanted to see if I was normal because I never heard of anyone else hating chicken.

oh my, sorry you hate chicken. i love it cooked any way. this is the number one choice of meat for me

I like it cooked some ways but not others, so maybe yours is just a more extreme distate than mine. Most things are a continuum, are they not?