Two Sad Stories

This is absolutely disgusting.

You know what... this might actually trigger you if you were abused as a child, so don't read on if you don't think you can take gruesome details.

Kelsey Smith-Briggs (2) was a victim of child abuse and passed away from blunt force trauma to the abdomen

Ok, the child is 2, and in the picture, has TWO BROKEN LEGS!!!
If that doesn't have you in tears, this will:
Oh, lovely the part about how they had to give all the poor kid's Christmas presents to other kids because this poor little innocent child was dead!!! WHO THE HELL HITS ANOTHER PERSON!?!?! NEVERMIND A CHILD!!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE!!!


Taegan McKinney (17 months) was stomped on by her babysitter's boyfriend
Stomped on. He STOMPED on a BABY. Seriously. How completely, totally, and utterly SENSELESS. I am absolutely disgusted.

Here is Taegan's memorial site:

Seriously. I will never, ever, ever leave my child in the hands of anyone who I do not know extremely well, inside and out, completely, 100%. And that is if I ever leave my child with anyone. ARGH. What is wrong with this world?
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You ever heard people who commit these crimes say "I haven't done anything wrong!"
That will **** you off for sure.

the most dangerous thing exist in this world is human

I am sitting at my desk in full blown tears. I have to excuse myself! I hate a 15 month old who I would be put under the jail over. My heart is truly hurting right now.

why would you do that to a kid??<br />
aw.. bless the innocent kids, hope their souls enter heaven :(

yeah I been reading horrible stories, people can be so evil! poor souls, I want to help but idk where to start

people are crazy, plain and simple. sadly, to date there is no law against being stupid.