I Still Get Chills!

Years ago a young boy came into our lives named Justin . Being an abused child you pick up on the signs of abuse very quickly. His mother i never saw even though they said she lived there??? strange. The father was a controlling man and never allowed me to close to the home , the other kids were vile to this child! He would stay with us often , i started to take not of the gun shy behavior as well as other things which really aren't necessary to go in to. Eventually things got very bad for him and he came to me for help . We didn't see him for a long time after , about 3 years later my son came across him at a church function. He needed a ride home .He was sweet as always but something very strange was about to happen that scared the hell out of my son and i. Driving he sat at an angle and forward staring at me in the mirror , he said he wanted me to drop him in the middle of the street a couple blocks from his house. We let him out and he vanished into thin air , there weren't any buildings ,trees etc. on this street and we never heard from this child again or heard of! My son said he asked around and noone had seen him in years , the whole thing still gives me the chills and i pray that this young man is ok.

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3 Responses Mar 1, 2008

I get shivers everytime i see this post!

Thanks drcynic i hope so too.

I can definately say that child abuse is horrible, and something I have first hand expirience with. This is probably one of the scariest stories I have ever heard. I share that hope along with you that that boy is ok.