"little Girl"

Her Dad Was A Drunk

Her Mum An Addict

Her Parents Kept Her

Locked In The Attic

Her Only Friend- A Little Toy Bear

It Was Old And Worn Out

And Had Dirty Patches Of Hair

But She Always Talked To It

Laying There She Hugs It Tight

The Silent Air Just Wasn’t Right

Until Her Parents Unlock The Door

The Little Bear Falls To The Floor

More Pain Comes And The Some More

Which She Has To Endure

A Bruise On Her Leg, Scars On Her Face

Why Would She Be In Such A Horrible Place?

So She Grabs Her Bear

And Starts To Cry

She Loves Her Parents

But They Want Her To Die

She Sits In The Corner

Quiet But Thinking “God Why?”

Such A Bad Life

For A Sad Little Kid

She’d Get Beaten And Beaten

For Anything She Did

The One Night

Her Mum Came Home High

The Poor Child Was Slapped

As Hours Went By

Then Her Mum Suddenly

Grabbed For A Blade

Sharp And Pointy

One That She’d Made

She Thrusted The Blade

Right Into Her Chest

She Calmly Whispered

“You Deserve To Die You Worthless Pest”

Before The Mum Walked Out

She Watched The Girl Slowly Dying

The Kid Reached For Her Little Bear

Once Again She Was Crying

The Police Showed Up

At The Abandoned House

They Quickly Barged In

But It Was Quiet As A Mouse

One Officer Slowly

Opened The Door

To Find The A Sad Little Girl

Lying Stiff On The Floor

It Must Have Been Bad

For Her To Be Alone When She Died

But Atleast Through All That Harm

She Always Had Her Best Friend At Her Side.

THIS IS FICTION! I Hate Child Abuse- Its Sick And Twisted And Wrong. I Wanted This Poem To Show How Kids Who Do Get Abused Suffer Lonliness, Self Doubt, Sadness and Lots Of Pain. Children Are Innocent Creatures Created By Us Humans.
My Heart Goes To Anyone Who Has Ever Suffered Child Abuse <3

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8 Responses Oct 16, 2011

Very good poem. Could be subtitled, "Teddy Knows".


You are a very good writer. Lol.

Thankyou Everyone.. I'm Glad You Liked My Work, It Seems I Can Only Write Sad Poems!<br />
This One Is The First Fictional Poem I've Ever Written, I Thought About A Child And How Vunerable They Are And This Is How It Turned Out!

that was really sad.i hope anyone who suffers child abuse,well,i hope they get away and live a life...you really are an amazing writer.i love your storys.<br />
and you are a great poet

Very well written

i love your work. you are one of my favorite writers and i thank you. thank you for sharing your thoughts with the world. good job.

wonderfully written. I feel it's also very accurate, and it sickens my stomach because I know that many, many children endure horrific abuse at the hands of those who are supposed to love and protect them. It's so terribly sad, but I also take comfort in the fact that these children are not all alone....I truly believe God is with them :) Why God allows such evil is another debate and one I won't get into here. Thanks so much for sharing...you have a talent for writing.

this is reli sad but i like the purpose..your so thoughtful.. your write perfectly