To Any Abusive Family Member

to any mother and father or any family member that may be thinking of abusing their child ,i would say do urself a favor and kill urself but if ur so selfish to do this then plz after u finish ur sick work do ur child a favor and kill him/her because u already killed their souls and end their lives and also because no one deserve to live in this hell all his/her life just because he/she had a sick family member
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4 Responses May 15, 2012

I too was abused by my dad, i grew up hating him, but as i got older i try to put it behind me and move on and forgive him eventhough its hard to forget, but am happy he didnt kill me, am happy for life, killing is not the answer. God loves you!

I'm so sorry, the feelings are almost impossible to bear. You are a survivor, so you have that ability in you. I won't pretend you don't have more hell in getting through your feelings, but the only way is through, you can't go under or over or around, not even if you died as you'd still have those feelings in your soul. Everyone hurt as a child is on your side and will be there for you to get your feelings out. Telling your feelings to others who have felt similar is good, I'm grateful to have been able to do that here, and I'm going to a workshop for adult survivors of child abuse soon. I wish you the best.

thanx alot ,u too ,tc of urself

It does get better.<br />
Anger is good though.

i would believe that 2years ago but not now but thanx for saying that

*shrug* I would not have believed, in 2010-2011 when I wanted to kill myself sooo freakin' bad much of the time, that I'd get better...I know sometime this spring I sat there and thought, "Holy ****! I feel cheerful! Wow!"


Please, do not think that death is the solution and ending to all suffering. You are valuable and can help so many people with your experience and strength.